Latest method to improve CTR on Google Adwords

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Latest method to improve CTR

Latest method to improve CTR

The CTR is an important metric in our Google Ad words Campaigns. The initials mean CTR through Click Rate and click rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks received by an ad by the number of impressions that generated it.

This is important because a high CTR will be telling us that our ads are good, because its click rate is high, i.e., it takes few impressions of the same to get a user to click it. When do optimizations in our campaigns Google Ad words, if we increase the CTR, get more clicks, so we’ll have more chances of getting conversions on the landing destination?

The CTR is a factor that Google Adwords takes into account when assigning the level of Quality or Quality Score for keywords of our campaigns. When we do a search on Google, sponsor place give position by the allocation algorithm rankings to advertisements, and depending on a number of parameters, among which is the CTR, is assigned a position in the SERPs to each ad for each advertiser, having keywords that are related by their type of agreement with the search terms used by the user, are competing to get out in the top of the SERPs.

At the time of the sponsor positions, the algorithm assigns a Ad words Quality Score for each keyword of campaigns whose keywords are bidding for these search terms.

The CTR is a factor in calculating the level of Quality Score

How can we improve the CTR of our Google Ad words campaigns?

To improve the CTR can do several things:

  • As the CTR tells us how good they are our ads, we can test new Copy’s to attract the attention of users with good calls to action.
  • To improve CTR appropriate strategy is to look for other keywords candidates to be  negative, and add a level of campaign (to look for, you can use the  search terms Ad words and see the matching search queries in Google Analytics)
  • Using product extensions improve Ad words ad exposure and so the CTR, because more users will be attracted by the ads and will click on them.

Segmenting campaigns well with good structure will help improve CTRs

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