Helpful Hints to Increase Affiliate Commissions

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tips to increase affiliate comission

tips to increase affiliate comission

As mentioned title, for this activity the company is responsible for customer care service, complaints and refunds.

It is requirement to choose a good affiliate program for you to invest in it your time and money. Make sure affiliate programs have a solid reputation and history of paying their members over time. To check this you just have to go to Google and search for the name of the product or company you want to promote along with the words “payments to affiliates.”

Here, 13 helpful tips to increase your Affiliate Commissions

1. Participate in forums and chat rooms related to the product you are promoting. Start a conversation with people without trying to sell to them. According to the conversation takes you to refer to some form but not saying directly the product you are promoting.

2. Create a free eBook with the advertisement and the affiliate link. The subject of the eBook should draw your target audience.

3. You can start your own directory for your website Affiliate Program.

4. Write your own ads for affiliate programs. If all the other affiliates use the same ads you will have an advantage over the competition.

5. Use a personal announcement, especially if you bought your product or service itself, which is highly recommended. So you can communicate better benefits and results you received with the product. This will increase the credibility of the product you are promoting.

6. Announces the product you are promoting with your signature. Use a catchy title to draw attention and get visit to your website. You can use this advice in your emails, in forums and in comments on blog.

7. Participate in discussions on Internet forums. Post your comments answer other people’s questions and make your own questions. And do not forget to include your signature in all messages.

8. Create a FREE newsletter related to the product you are promoting. Containing useful information and value, then you can use that information to advertise affiliate programs in which you participate.

9. A very useful trick is to use bonds to help sell your products. It serves to motivate people to buy your product and save the competition, it will be too many affiliates who promote the product. By offering a nice bonus on your product you helped the client that may decide to make the purchase.

As mentioned title, for this activity the company is responsible for customer care service, complaints and refunds.

It is requirement to choose a good affiliate program for you to invest in it your time and money. Make sure affiliate programs have a solid reputation and history of paying their members over time. To check this you just have to go to Google and search for the name of the product or company you want to promote along with the words “payments to affiliates.”

10. Also start a private web site. You can use it as a free bonus. You can allow people to join for free and once inside advertise affiliate programs. What you get with this is to keep the contact with your potential customers and make them feel they are an added value when making the purchase.

11. Provide real testimonials are one of the best methods to help get sales. Ask people who have already bought and tried the product.

12. Utilize your blog to provide useful information and also include product recommendations. Through the article marketing you can create organic traffic to your blog and constant with subsequent sales. Make sure you keep your blog focused on keywords related to your business and the products you are promoting.

13. Create a list of subscribers. You have to create an autopilot system in which you offer a gift voucher or if the visitor joins your list. This requires a good auto responded like aweber to help you collect your mail from your prospects and send follow-up messages with useful and quality. Over time this will make your subscribers to become customers.

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How to Create a Successful Brand

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how to create successful brand

how to create successful brand

A successful brand is a brand that has earned the trust of consumers to the point that they are not only trust to one of its products, but are always willing to try other products from the same brand.

A successful brand is a brand that has achieved such recognition, reputation and value, which can be considered more valuable than all the assets that are behind it, such as buildings and equipment.

So it is necessary to create a successful brand below are some tips that will help us with this:

Offering a high quality product
The first requirement to create a successful brand is to offer a high quality product. Offering a high quality product is what we can get consumers earning preference, trust and customer loyalty. A definition of a quality product could be a product that has inputs first, which has an attractive design that is durable over time and, to satisfy needs, tastes and preferences.

Providing excellent customer service
Providing excellent customer service could be translated as providing a very good service, providing a friendly atmosphere, providing comfort, providing a personalized service, and provide prompt attention.

Differentiate Competitors
It is possible to create a successful brand when brands are on the market similar to others, or that are similar characterized or offer of other competitors. So another requirement to build a successful brand is that it is different from the rest, that is, that has something that makes it different, to distinguish it, or make it stand out against other competing brands. A brand can differentiate you, for example, the quality of its products or services in their constant concern for the customer, or in constant innovation.

Focus on the customer
Focus on the customer rather than making money, is what allows us to create a strong bond and a lasting relationship with them. Focusing on the customer is concerned about this, is to give what they want, is to solve their problems and meet their needs.

Being Complete
Finally, have integrity is allowing us to build a good reputation in the consumer and thus lay the foundation for a successful brand. Have integrity is to be true to ourselves and our brand (which is actually extension of ourselves), to be true to their ideals, values, principles and purposes. Being honest is concerned about the customer rather than worrying because they buy, is to fulfill what we have promised, is not something that we have to offer and we know that we cannot fulfill.

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10 Secrets for Making Effective Brochures

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effective brochure designIf you are thinking of sending brochures and sales strategy to achieve or to announce a new product or service, you’re probably wondering how to ensure a good response. After all, when you add up all the costs of printing a brochure – writing, art, photography, typography, printing, and mailing costs – plus the time you or your staff can work making a simple brochure can cost upwards of $ 1.

Still, cost is not the only thing you need to worry. Each piece of advertising that you send will leave an impression on your potential customers. Convey the wrong impression can mean the risk of losing sales, So, what can you do to make your sales leaflets are successful? Here are ten important secrets to develop effective brochures.

1. Understand your customer: Before you spend time planning a brochure, the first thing is make sure you understand your customers. Why would they buy your product? What is the most important thing you can do for them? What is the most important problem that your product or service can solve for them? If you do not know the answers to questions like these, then start by asking. Talk to your vendors. Talk to customers. Use your answers to decide what benefits should highlight your brochure.

2. Plan your brochure with AIDA:  No, we’re not talking about a distant aunt. AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. To be effective, the prospectus should attract attention, have enough impact to capture the interest of the prospect for further reading, raise the desire for the product or service and get them to take a specific action, like buy now, call or an appointment.

3. Do not put a photo of your premises on the cover of the brochure:  Sure you’ll be proud of the building and the way your company has grown. However, your customers do not really care how proud you are of your company, or how big is your building. The only thing that matters is if your products meet their needs. Do not waste the space that you use to sell your products and convince them to buy now.

4. Sells, not only tell your customers and prospects are in fact not really interested in your company or product. They are interested in themselves and in their own businesses. To get their attention, the brochure should focus on the benefits you will enjoy when making a purchase with you. Remember, people do not buy answering machines to record messages. They buy answering machines to never miss important calls.

5. Use headers and graphics that your audience is interested: Reader is on average less than 5 seconds to take a look at the cover of a brochure and decide whether or not to read it. If the owner or graphics on the cover of the same boring, recipients little bother to open it.

6. It also highlights the benefits inside the brochure holders: Once you have received the pamphlet the next thing you do is browse leaflet holders inside the same. Use these holders to keep their attention, and to continue to the text describing your products and offers.

7. Tell them clearly what you want to do after reading the text Once you capture the customer’s attention:  on the product you sell, you have to take the next step: tell them what to do to acquire it. Do not assume that by itself it will get your number and call. If you do not tell them what action to take, they can dial the wrong number asking another trade or service provider instead of yours.

8. Give them a reason to act now:  Otherwise the reader to act now, and not given a compelling reason to do so, your efforts to get your attention, arouse interest and desire to be in vain. The customer simply following will have to do and forget you. Some of the most common deals that work for customers to purchase immediately are special discounts that are only valid before a specific date or free gifts by purchases before that date. Another strategy that works without involving discounts or freebies to mention is the fact that quantities are limited (if they really are), or because prices will go up soon, so.

9. Facilitates contact: Make sure your business name and phone number are easy to find in the brochure. Include if possible a toll free number, or some other easy way for people to take the action you want to perform.

10. Minimizes risk: Once you’ve built a desire for what you sell, you could still lose the sale if the client has any concerns about the purchase, and you do not know who you are or how good the product may be. To reduce the fear of the client, including a total satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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Improve strategy in YouTube to Promote Products

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Daily 2.000 million users are visiting YouTube video and spend average 15 minutes a day. With respect to the viral, the site is positioned the most potent Internet users. The numbers indicate every time there are 4 million people who often share their videos on social networks regularly, five million people subscribe to the video channel of a friend.

The YouTube marketing is perfect to promote your products or services and improve online sales.

However, not only upload any video enough to succeed. For a production that really improve your results, a number of requirements that it should fulfill. Notes:

1. A decent preview
Network users come to the site by searching and when they enter in YouTube there are many options for viewing. Here, usually will choose who has a more attractive preview. YouTube lets you choose between three images, but if you’re not convinced any of them, you can always make the frame fit just perfect with the central part of the video.

2. The correct title
more than creative, it must be very specific and descriptive. Thus, it should contain keywords. Moreover, it is very important not to put a misleading title, because users fill you with negative feedback.

3. Choose either language
Language is important, consider adding several languages ​​if you really should by target.

4. Related Videos
If your video is related to another that is already on the platform (and if successful best) hang it as a response to this video. You will see that Lot of people see it

5. Quality
if the video is not good and original, or simply do not have quality content, do not bother to upload it to YouTube. Without quality there will be no success.

6. Choose the right time
Hold on Friday content. Much better is a Tuesday or Wednesday. Think of the hours / days of connecting your potential viewers.


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4 Thoughts about the IPad Mini

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4 Thoughts about the IPad Mini

The iPad mini has been officially announced on Oct. 23. Keynotes of Apple during which many other novelties were presented.

As  introduce, a reminder of the main features of the iPad mini, which are those very smaller of the iPad 2:

Multipoint touch screen tablet 7.9 inches

Resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 163 pixels per inch (ppi)

Height: 200 mm

Width: 134.7 mm

Thickness: 7.2 mm

Weight: 308 g (note that the Google Nexus 7-Asus weighs 340 g and already seems incredibly light in hand)

A5 processor backup

Lightning connector

Mini-jack 3.5 mm stereo headphone

Built-in speaker


Three-axis gyroscope


Ambient light sensor

Digital compass

1. The iPad mini is the first real product after Steve Jobs.

Some of you already know that it will fit in against this false claim, the creation of this product is at least two years ago while Jobs has handed it. After the release of the first iPad, Steve Jobs had publicly declared 7-inch iPad made absolutely no sense. The tablet market completely dominated by Apple

2. Is iPad mini is expensive. Too expensive?

339 Euros, or 329 dollars in the U.S. for the entry-level model, namely a 16GB without Wi-Fi 3G/4G connectivity therefore it is indeed expensive. Especially if we compare it to the price of its current direct competitor, the Google Nexus tablet 7, which costs 249 Euros in the same configuration, which must deduct 25 Euros more vouchers credited to the Play Store Google to download movies, applications, games and books.  However, this is not so much for an Apple product.  On the other hand, the screen of 7.9 inches has a surface of 35% higher than the Nexus, a virtually identical external dimension, and a much lower weight (308 g against 340 g for Nexus 7).

Finally another favor of the iPad can justify a higher rate: the 275,000 apps available. We strongly know that many applications which are available on Android that adaptations are sometimes very risky versions for smart phones.

Of course, like all users think that price of iPad mini 299 Euros is the worst. But we should understand that Apple’s strategy: at equal performance products feature MUST sell more expensive, and especially to guard against the fact that if the iPad Mini cannibalize the “big” iPad (which I opinion is likely to occur), it must not be at the expense of margins.

And where is it written that a smaller product – if it meets a strong demand – must be cheaper than its larger counterpart, if everything is equal elsewhere (components, design, functionality) and that it brings a real plus in terms of usability. So we should not say that mini authorization expensive.

3. Is iPad mini compatible with iPad application 10 inches?

The keynote yesterday gave the answer specifically devoted to all, the importance of demonstrate of Apple places or including on apple website. The mini iPad natively supports all iPad applications, due to its screen resolution identical to that of the iPad 2, i.e. 768 × 1024 pixels. Therefore be no question of the developers to provide updates as was the case for example for the iPhone 5, and we are entitled to our favorite apps in the format that we already know.

4. For the first time Apple publicly compare with Android Competitor

The yesterday keynote unveiled a new and amazing practice at Apple, at least since the era iPhone / iPad: direct confrontation with the competition. Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing Apple has indeed held a long comparative demonstration between Nexus 7 and  mini iPad, large format photographs in support: finishing materials, size and especially of the screen (but not the resolution, coincidentally). Perhaps ultimately the best tribute we can pay to the excellent Google tablet and unexpected advertising, which shows that Android remains the bane of Cupertino, even after Steve Jobs.

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Why Website Is Not Making Any Sales?

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Why Website Is Not Making Any Sales?

Imagine that after lots of hard work; finally your website is in the live. You had open your business a week ago and still you have not made a single sale. Do not despair. In fact, this is one of the most common problems that arise. Here the Checklist that solves this problem if your site is not making money.  If you recently launched a new website and not getting the expected results, you need to get just the questions from the list, starting with the number one. Once you can answer “yes” to all ten questions, I guarantee that sales will come quickly.

1. Is your product good in real market? With this I mean, you are selling a perfect product or a perfect solution concerning what people are actively searching online and not being found? The best way to answer this question is to do a search for the keyword and confirm whether people are using search engines to find a solution of the problem that your product can solve but not finding of unfortunately. So use Google ad word tool or word tracer. This is the successful business formula on the online.

2. Are you getting enough traffic? Before you can really judge the effectiveness of your website, you need 1,000 unique visitors at least (not page views).If you are getting 100 visitors and has not made a sale, be patient! You’ll only need is more traffic. Once you have accomplished 1,000 visitors, then you can begin to assess how effective it really is your site.

3. Are you getting traffic to your niche market? If you are getting more than 1,000 visitors to web site and has not yet made sale, find out where your traffic is coming. That will help you know whether or not your niche. The best way to get quality traffic to your site is extremely use keywords related to your niche in search engine pay-per-click. If you drive 1,000 visitors to your site using keywords in your niche PPC ads and still not make a sale, then we can assure that your problem is not the quality of traffic you are getting. So is his website.

4. Is your title effective? If your website does not have a clearly title so lost powerful benefit, your potential customers are not going to stick around your offer. Write a better title which typically the easiest way to fix a website. If you have more people stay on your site and read your offer, the more people will buy your product.

5. Are you using testimonials effectively? The evidence is one of your most powerful tools to achieve sales. Nothing says, “Buy this now”, as a recommendation of an impartial third party. If your site is brand new and you have no evidence yet, give your product a few friends and ask them for that can provide testimonials about how it worked for them.

6. Does your warranty cover the risk of buying? A good warranty is an essential tool sales, especially online. Unless you have a big brand (like Sony, Wal-Mart, Pepsi) that inherently customers have confidence, you need to let you know that you rely on your product. Reassure them that if they are not 100% satisfied may request a full refund of your money. And remember, that a longer warranty usually produces more sales and fewer refunds.

7. Your price is too high? Or too low? Most people know that if the product price is too high, you will not make good sales. But this can also be true if the price is too low. People get suspicious when the price is below their expectations. They think this is probably “too good to be true” and as a result, but they will not feel safe making the purchase.

8. Is your system easy to use ordering? Just because you can figure out how to navigate through the process of ordering, does not mean that your client can. If you ensure that your ordering system is “friendly”, find a few friends who are not very agile on the Internet and ask them to get their product. Look over their shoulder and take notes. Where they stuck? Be sure to fix the problems they encountered, because your potential customers are finding them, too!

9. Do you have a good sales letter? If you are not using a well written sales letter for your sell product, then you will never achieve online success. It’s that simple. Whether your particular site needs a short letter or a long letter, the fact will always remain: Your product will not sell! You need to find the right words to do the job.

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Increase Web Traffic with the help of Digital Marketing

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Increase-Website-TrafficOne of the most common questions for online business owners  is: Implement digital marketing strategies allows me to attract my business online. The answer is not difficult to understand: you try to get your website to be found by internet surfers, and for that you must implement digital marketing strategies.

To obtain the desired result, search engine optimization, you need to apply techniques and digital marketing strategies for your website to be known and located.

Digital marketing strategies allow clients and earn money

Now present a series of techniques and digital marketing strategies, implemented by Internet business owners to attract web traffic to your site:.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Digital marketing strategies collaborate with increasing visits to your website, a result that is directly related to the optimization of search engines. There are about 60% of people looking for products and / or services, and make it through the search engines.

In implementing digital marketing strategies, your website will fit right in the search results for keywords related to your niche in the search engines, you will get a lot of traffic to your website. One of the best ways to get traffic to your site, building backlinks, are generated links from another website to yours, as a result of marketing strategies and digital techniques.

The more backlinks, search engines consider the most valuable to your website, which positively affect your placement in search engines.

2. Writing articles. The writing articles are one of the best digital marketing strategies. And working at the location of your website via hyperlinks embedded in the article text. To use your best efforts to implement digital marketing strategies, you need to create unique articles with valuable content related to your website, your products or your services.

One strategy for digital marketing success is to offer website owners that they also include your articles on your site and show your visitors. Or you can post them on bulletin boards, or send them to article directories, forums, blogs, and also manage to improve your search engine rankings with implementing digital marketing strategies. Publishers to use your articles, whether in newsletters or websites.

Visitors read your article in article directories and check  that the value of content and interest, they can click on the hyperlinks at the bottom of the articles and get to your website and thus benefit from implementing digital marketing strategies

3. Affiliate Marketing . Getting traffic to your web site is also possible to implement digital marketing strategies to work with affiliates.

Why?. This is possible because when you sell products online, your affiliates generate money from commissions they earn from sales of your products, using its subscribers, which will visit the sales page of the product before making the purchase.

The ClickBank Marketplace shows your products to thousands of people, and it is ideal to implement digital marketing strategies, to all those looking to sell products in exchange for commissions.


The internet business cannot prosper without web traffic. If you have installed your online business, it is time to develop a plan to implement digital marketing strategies, and achieve as much traffic as possible.

The application of the techniques and digital marketing strategies exposed, showing some of the methods used to achieve good search engine rankings and attract as much traffic as possible to your website.

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