Ad words and Merchant Center update rules

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These days, Google has announced changes in its two flagship programs: Ad Words and Merchant Center. To avoid any unpleasant surprises account managers and advertisers, here’s a quick summary of the “updates” need to know for the beginning of these.

Clarity is required on Ad words

Google continues to put forward a policy putting the user at the heart of everything. In fact, its official goal is to allow users to find the desired information. This is why the lack of clarity in announcements may be penalized.

I can see the marketing guy worry: how to clear 95 characters? Do not worry … this lack of clarity is expressed in two ways:

  • Lack of clear enunciate conditions collect personal information on the landing page
  • The display of links in the ads that are not clear (eg using a link with a phone number for returning to a page on the site)

If these two conditions are not met, you may simply suspend your ads.

Ban promote products or services that are illegal

What an amazing thing you cannot make illegal trade? I think it is a very strong commitment on the part of Google right? In short, I do not care a bit but in fact, Google announced a simplification of the conditions of use Ad words about it.

In fact, the conditions that apply to “illegal business practices” will now affect the “illegal products and services.” There are therefore no real changes in conditions, but rather a review of the terminology used.

Each product must be unique on Google Shopping

Since May 6, Google requires that each product (excluding clothing), has a unique product identifier in the flow submitted to the Merchant Center. For the moment, it is not mandatory to distribute products, but it should be noted that Google announced a downgrade of products that do not present a unique identifier.

Also note that from 20 September, this unique product code simply becomes mandatory and it will be impossible to distribute its products in the shopping engine without it.

Anyway, this update is not bad as well, when managing an online store, each product is legally a unique ID that is assigned. And if you sell products “personalized”, do not worry, you’re not concerned.

These updates affect us?

If you manage your feeds or products your Ad Words ads, you are certainly not affected by the updates listed above. However, I cannot advise you to keep you well informed of future updates to avoid any unpleasant surprises after dragging a small error in your campaigns or in your feed. After all, it is not always easy to control a stream containing thousands of products or multiple accounts Ad words.

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