5 Tips for Small Business Marketing

October 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Promoting a small business requires completely different strategies than those used by large companies, otherwise only be wasting the advantages have a simple and flexible administrative structure.

The small businesses are characterized by carrying a more staff with customers and the ability to innovate in their business model more easily, and these are two key points that should be exploited to gain ground on the big companies.

Here share these four secrets of marketing for a small business

1. Allows customers to know you

Good relationships are based on trust. Customers want to know all they can about a company , product or service before making a purchase decision.

A key aspect is to have a website that provides comprehensive information about your business, because now the consumer has a habit of using your computer or Smartphone to check before buying a new product, and if You bring the information sought, consumers will feel confident.

2. Compete with quality and value

A large company can easily take advantage of economies of scale to offer products at very low cost, but often the consumer is not looking for low prices and fast but good care, in addition to the guarantee to be acquiring a quality product.

Give your customer a product that generates a high perceived value and this can be achieved through emotional marketing strategies to reach your subconscious and your heart.

You can also develop a package of services or “combo” where you offer different benefits to those who purchase more of your products or services. It is a very effective strategy.

3. It offers attractive incentives for the customer

Incentives are a fundamental part of marketing, not only to attract new customers but also to retain those who already buy from us.

Discounts, coupons, promotions and many other strategies can make your business becomes interesting and capture the market’s attention.

4. Stay in touch

In small businesses is crucial to take data from a buyer and be constantly in touch with them. Get your phone, your name, your e-mail and even your birthday to send a special gift on this date.

Here again the importance and plays have a web site and create profiles on the major social networks. But remember that the customer does not want to be invaded by advertising instead cultivated with information of interest, for example, if you have a vet you can send tips and advice for the care of pets, so you feel that the information submitted is really valuable.

Another useful element is to have a software for customer management that allows you to store and view information from your buyers.

5. Surprise your customers

What does this mean? Means to impact your client should provide experiences that positive surprise , so it will be difficult to forget you, and the keys to achieving this are innovation and creativity.

Companies like Facebook, Google and Apple knows this too well, so we continuously develop innovations left with their mouths open and make it nearly impossible to forget them.

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