How to Increase Web Traffic to Online Business

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web trafficHaving a website does not mean that you will get traffic from visitors, or even to generate sales for your business. In this article, I explain some ways to increase web traffic to your website and thereby increase sales of its physical business or business in internet.

Ways to Increase Web Traffic

Before we begin, let’s see how they look most Internet businesses , websites and blogs:

1. Most have a creative title or slogan,

2. Sporadically add new content,

3. When you upload new articles or information, short disorganized,

4. Little Content of text and many images files in flash

5. No Clear way to contact

These are errors that ultimately, added fail position in web search engines Google , Bing or Yahoo, but damage page, and are sometimes easier to start a new site.

Depending on the state of your site, some tips to increase website traffic are:

1. Knowing which keywords to your business

The first step to increase traffic to your website , is to define what search keywords they want to dominate the Internet. Search engines such as Google, looking for work in all places, words that define what it is or what content offer, and indexed to the content sites that offer more value, in terms of age, quality and references. Therefore, the importance of defining what words (in the form of searches) are the ones you want to apply for master or web page.

Example of making money online : If your business is selling televisions, some keywords should master are “selling televisions” “buy television” “buy television in Mexico” “where to buy televisions in mexico” “cheap TV” “sony televisions” “buy televisions sony”

Also, if you want to start from 0 your business online , you should change the domain name to the main keyword. Following the example, if the main keyword you want to dominate the internet is “buy television”.

2. Write articles related to the keyword

The second point of most value to increase traffic to your online business is to write articles that will be part of your site content, that relate to the topic of the keyword.

These items must carry a structured format. In the HTML (the code behind a page), the text should include titles with their relationship to html format H1, H2, H3, bold, italic, and links to related text.
Also, other tips are:

– Write new content regularly.
1 can be once a day, a week, two times a month. The important thing is to generate fresh content for the site, in order to make an online business date.

– Do not copy content from other sites. Generally it is found by search engines and penalized with lower rankings.

– Create content of interest to the reader, part positioning should focus on the keywords and html format, and part should focus on a theme interesting reading.

3. Exchanging links with other sites

Search engines place great weight to the assessment of sites where there are links (or links) that are directed to your website. At first it seems complicated to create links to your site, but in fact it is an easy task but repetitive, requiring patience.

You can increase web traffic , through the exchange of links with:

– Other blogs related to the same topic (contact the exchange by asking the contact zone, for example, the contact area of 100 Business )

– Regional Directories (in your country)

Not recommended, in relation to the exchange of links:

– Exchange links with garbage sites like poker, banned, gambling, etc.

– Exchange links with too many directories (in several languages)

4. Create a Quick page Load

Many sites take forever to load in your browser. This by adding flash content, poor design or web. This impacts both the search engine positioning, as the seaworthiness of visitors, which affects the fact to make money online.

Therefore, to attract more web traffic, you should reduce the loading time. To do this, design a simple web page with the necessary images (gif format), and if you insert other objects, are easy to load, such as YouTube videos or podcast extensions.

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