What is content marketing?

October 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

content marketing

The world of marketing is undergoing a revolution in recent times. In recent times, The world of marketing is undergoing a revolution. People begin to search for services on the Internet, so we are moving from a directly strategy marketing with advertising that encourages people to use a service or product, to perform other marketing more targeted to be the client who finds us naturally in your search .

This is where the content enters in the marketing game. When we talk about this online marketing we refer to the interesting content writing for a target customers type which will be attracted to these contents as they will be sensitive to the information they wants.

At this point may seem a crazy idea, but as we said, the way in which people consume services or products are changing and the vast amount of information available on the Internet encouraging users to search for those who have daily needs.

This type of marketing attributes the relationship between the customer and the company, Let be it a new relationship, it is permanent in time. The fact of obtaining information related to what you’re looking for the knowledge by the company on matters related and also gives a sense that behind the company’s are expertise areas in which customer can deposit the much desired confidence when purchasing goods online.

Besides the search engines we positioned in a better way if they can be sure that we do this type of marketing because they provide a picture of website quality,

Company positioned in a good way besides the search engines, Customer can be sure that company do good type of marketing because they provide a quality picture of website and originality which adds value and updated regularly. Obviously these points must be met for such confidence and improve positioning.

The search engines are a great showcase for the companies, because they are places where users come with a need and developed, and therefore go with the conviction that they want something. Sometime with marketing traditional customer must be generated to cause a sale.

In conclusion, adapt to changing times is to start making and basing our efforts on the marketing of content, which does not mean it is exclusive, since a large company should combine the different techniques of marketing for optimal results .

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