How to Generate Leads Through Facebook

October 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

It is noteworthy that, Facebook is the most used social network today. If you do things correctly, you can become a gold mine prospecting when  to get prospects for your MLM business.

At present, more than 900 million people are present in Facebook. With the help of Facebook you have the great opportunity to build relationships with people and see how far you could help with your business opportunity.

Consecutively I show the strategies that you should use in this network to get leads.

Do not promote Spam

If you do, you might get some results initially, but in reality, what you are attracting others are based on emotion, and as you know the good decisions should not be taken based on this criterion.

A Professional Style 

Create a professional fan page. Use a photo in which you show as you are, where you show only your face. This picture should look like the one you use elsewhere, other networks, on your blog, on your avatar, etc..Must be the photograph you want to build your branding and be known at online.


Equally, is that your site is as professional as possible if you want to attract other professionals who are seeking an alternative. And you’re right there with the business opportunity you represent.

Interested in relationships

Not ready in someone to be your friend on Facebook and then bombard them with your posts. It’s about creating and developing relationships and not look like a spam to your new friends or to Facebook.

The main objective should pursue is to create relationships with people. You must discover what issues are or what needs they have and then try to determine how your business opportunity can help.

Today, it is easier than ever block you on Facebook if 4 or 5 people consider some of your posts are spam. So be careful.

Arguably, if they accept your invitation of friendship, do not jump immediately to your business opportunity.

You should try to get to know you and find your moment to present your business.

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