Why Website Is Not Making Any Sales?

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Why Website Is Not Making Any Sales?

Imagine that after lots of hard work; finally your website is in the live. You had open your business a week ago and still you have not made a single sale. Do not despair. In fact, this is one of the most common problems that arise. Here the Checklist that solves this problem if your site is not making money.  If you recently launched a new website and not getting the expected results, you need to get just the questions from the list, starting with the number one. Once you can answer “yes” to all ten questions, I guarantee that sales will come quickly.

1. Is your product good in real market? With this I mean, you are selling a perfect product or a perfect solution concerning what people are actively searching online and not being found? The best way to answer this question is to do a search for the keyword and confirm whether people are using search engines to find a solution of the problem that your product can solve but not finding of unfortunately. So use Google ad word tool or word tracer. This is the successful business formula on the online.

2. Are you getting enough traffic? Before you can really judge the effectiveness of your website, you need 1,000 unique visitors at least (not page views).If you are getting 100 visitors and has not made a sale, be patient! You’ll only need is more traffic. Once you have accomplished 1,000 visitors, then you can begin to assess how effective it really is your site.

3. Are you getting traffic to your niche market? If you are getting more than 1,000 visitors to web site and has not yet made sale, find out where your traffic is coming. That will help you know whether or not your niche. The best way to get quality traffic to your site is extremely use keywords related to your niche in search engine pay-per-click. If you drive 1,000 visitors to your site using keywords in your niche PPC ads and still not make a sale, then we can assure that your problem is not the quality of traffic you are getting. So is his website.

4. Is your title effective? If your website does not have a clearly title so lost powerful benefit, your potential customers are not going to stick around your offer. Write a better title which typically the easiest way to fix a website. If you have more people stay on your site and read your offer, the more people will buy your product.

5. Are you using testimonials effectively? The evidence is one of your most powerful tools to achieve sales. Nothing says, “Buy this now”, as a recommendation of an impartial third party. If your site is brand new and you have no evidence yet, give your product a few friends and ask them for that can provide testimonials about how it worked for them.

6. Does your warranty cover the risk of buying? A good warranty is an essential tool sales, especially online. Unless you have a big brand (like Sony, Wal-Mart, Pepsi) that inherently customers have confidence, you need to let you know that you rely on your product. Reassure them that if they are not 100% satisfied may request a full refund of your money. And remember, that a longer warranty usually produces more sales and fewer refunds.

7. Your price is too high? Or too low? Most people know that if the product price is too high, you will not make good sales. But this can also be true if the price is too low. People get suspicious when the price is below their expectations. They think this is probably “too good to be true” and as a result, but they will not feel safe making the purchase.

8. Is your system easy to use ordering? Just because you can figure out how to navigate through the process of ordering, does not mean that your client can. If you ensure that your ordering system is “friendly”, find a few friends who are not very agile on the Internet and ask them to get their product. Look over their shoulder and take notes. Where they stuck? Be sure to fix the problems they encountered, because your potential customers are finding them, too!

9. Do you have a good sales letter? If you are not using a well written sales letter for your sell product, then you will never achieve online success. It’s that simple. Whether your particular site needs a short letter or a long letter, the fact will always remain: Your product will not sell! You need to find the right words to do the job.

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Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a website development company which is specialized iPhone application development.


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