4 Thoughts about the IPad Mini

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4 Thoughts about the IPad Mini

The iPad mini has been officially announced on Oct. 23. Keynotes of Apple during which many other novelties were presented.

As  introduce, a reminder of the main features of the iPad mini, which are those very smaller of the iPad 2:

Multipoint touch screen tablet 7.9 inches

Resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 163 pixels per inch (ppi)

Height: 200 mm

Width: 134.7 mm

Thickness: 7.2 mm

Weight: 308 g (note that the Google Nexus 7-Asus weighs 340 g and already seems incredibly light in hand)

A5 processor backup

Lightning connector

Mini-jack 3.5 mm stereo headphone

Built-in speaker


Three-axis gyroscope


Ambient light sensor

Digital compass

1. The iPad mini is the first real product after Steve Jobs.

Some of you already know that it will fit in against this false claim, the creation of this product is at least two years ago while Jobs has handed it. After the release of the first iPad, Steve Jobs had publicly declared 7-inch iPad made absolutely no sense. The tablet market completely dominated by Apple

2. Is iPad mini is expensive. Too expensive?

339 Euros, or 329 dollars in the U.S. for the entry-level model, namely a 16GB without Wi-Fi 3G/4G connectivity therefore it is indeed expensive. Especially if we compare it to the price of its current direct competitor, the Google Nexus tablet 7, which costs 249 Euros in the same configuration, which must deduct 25 Euros more vouchers credited to the Play Store Google to download movies, applications, games and books.  However, this is not so much for an Apple product.  On the other hand, the screen of 7.9 inches has a surface of 35% higher than the Nexus, a virtually identical external dimension, and a much lower weight (308 g against 340 g for Nexus 7).

Finally another favor of the iPad can justify a higher rate: the 275,000 apps available. We strongly know that many applications which are available on Android that adaptations are sometimes very risky versions for smart phones.

Of course, like all users think that price of iPad mini 299 Euros is the worst. But we should understand that Apple’s strategy: at equal performance products feature MUST sell more expensive, and especially to guard against the fact that if the iPad Mini cannibalize the “big” iPad (which I opinion is likely to occur), it must not be at the expense of margins.

And where is it written that a smaller product – if it meets a strong demand – must be cheaper than its larger counterpart, if everything is equal elsewhere (components, design, functionality) and that it brings a real plus in terms of usability. So we should not say that mini authorization expensive.

3. Is iPad mini compatible with iPad application 10 inches?

The keynote yesterday gave the answer specifically devoted to all, the importance of demonstrate of Apple places or including on apple website. The mini iPad natively supports all iPad applications, due to its screen resolution identical to that of the iPad 2, i.e. 768 × 1024 pixels. Therefore be no question of the developers to provide updates as was the case for example for the iPhone 5, and we are entitled to our favorite apps in the format that we already know.

4. For the first time Apple publicly compare with Android Competitor

The yesterday keynote unveiled a new and amazing practice at Apple, at least since the era iPhone / iPad: direct confrontation with the competition. Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing Apple has indeed held a long comparative demonstration between Nexus 7 and  mini iPad, large format photographs in support: finishing materials, size and especially of the screen (but not the resolution, coincidentally). Perhaps ultimately the best tribute we can pay to the excellent Google tablet and unexpected advertising, which shows that Android remains the bane of Cupertino, even after Steve Jobs.

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Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a website development company which is specialized iPhone application development.


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