No Need to Be a Computer Expert to Use Ad Sense

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Need to be a computer expert to use Google Ad Sense?

Not at all. Not have to be any techno-geek to use Google Ad Sense. In fact, you do not need more expertise to know surf the Web. Google Ad Sense is very easy to use, also has extensive support to answer any questions you may have.

The first thing to do is create your account. To do this goes through one of your Google accounts and register (you ask all the necessary information). Well, now it have a little patience, as they often take several days to respond. This would be a good time to familiarize yourself with the program policies; of course, you must first read before signing.

You must make sure that the site you are registering does not violate any of the items listed in their terms and conditions. For example, display ads or sites with pornographic content, illegal, violent or hateful.

Check out the web support while waiting for the answer from Google Ad Sense and see what others are saying and doing. But above all your commissions of Google Ad Sense is waiting. Have fun!

Does Google Ad Sense offer direct deposit?

Google Ad Sense has several payment options for publishers.

The Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) is available in 16 countries. Using this option, payments are deposited directly into your bank account in your local currency. Check in support for Google Ad Sense, if your country is in the list of countries which benefit from this option.

Once your account is approved, you can request to receive payment of your commissions via direct deposit. To do this, click on the “Edit” link next to the payment header. After filling in the data bank, Google Ad sense will make a small test deposit in your account. This makes for safety reasons, to make sure that the account is actually yours.

Look at your account to see if you received the test deposit, usually arrives in a few days. Upon receipt of the deposit from Google, log back into your account and in the “Payment Details”, click Verify Account. Then you will have to enter the test deposit amount. Once you enter the correct amount of test deposit, your bank will be approved and selected as your form of payment.

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Social Media Marketing for Beginners

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Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Social Media Marketing for Beginners

If you are an owner of a small business you may wonder how can develop and implementing a social strategy. Here is a series of steps with simple questions and simple answers that can guide beginners.

1.  The Cause
Why you start social networks? What is the purpose for your small Business or to get business through social media? If you are looking to advertise only enter and sell unidirectional sending messages, I suggest not start because it does not work well. The social networksare a dialogue conversation. Customers want to talk, comment, make suggestions, and recommend a business or brand if they had a good experience about a product or service. If the experience is not so good they do complain.

So before you start, be clear about your goals and intentions in social media. Are you able talk to with customers? Or why to build the reputation of your brand? Or do you find new customers and improve sales? Each of these plans has implications for how your company will operate in Social Media, and affects networks in which you participate.

Important: Create a list of the key reasons why you want to start in social networks. Be specific about the results you hope to achieve (Clear objectives: amounts and targets).

2. The Plan and other aspects of marketing

If you plan to create online social network then think like social networks which will be integrated to overall plan marketing company. Remember today social networks are part of your strategy not entire strategy. Are you going to sell through social media? Will you use Twitter to bid? How will you be tracking these efforts online and offline?

Important: If the team or sales will be affected by new social tools, take the time to talk to them, coordinate and ensure that everyone is on the same route of internal and external communication.

3.  Communication: define the word

How are you going to represent your brand online and who will be responsible or communication? A director of the company, the business owner, an employee? A external consultant? Many companies maintain a presence with several employees can share the responsibilities.

Important: Keep marketing advisers for your company who represent, communicate and manage it. Note that this requires knowledge, time and money investment.

4.  Defining Customer

Who is your target audience? Where is? What gender and what age? Where they live?

You can meet clients in their physical online store or business, you must spend time for searching where your potential customers, this means doing a little research and listen online.

Social media is global. Are you going to talk to everyone or is going to focus on just your local customer base? Take time to define its strategy to focus on social networking audience.

Important: Investigation who are they? Where are they? help to create more effective strategy and better segment for customers.

5.  Analyze and measure all

How will you measure success in social media? Some measure everything in terms of sales. For others, it’s building a brand, customer satisfaction, generating inquiries or obtaining names on a mailing list.

All these results are valid, make sure you have to know what you want to achieve before you start, so you can make plan, measure and whether their efforts achieve success.

Important: Choose a few metrics and establish a simple way to follow and analyze. Taking time to analyze and measure demonstrate the medium term if the investment is being profitable or not.

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Learning From Negative Reviews and Comments

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Learning From Negative Comments

Some social media managers do not realize the importance of critical comments, if not simply negative users. In most cases, the negative comments are learning much more than the positive. They tend to be more honest otherwise. I know for a fact that many writers are disappointed when they teach their work and only hear an “ah, well, I like”. It may sound a little worst, but a review (where educated and more or less reasoned) gets you receiving. (Indeed, I look forward to a review of that kind to this article.)

For the Social medial company, an easy, convenient and effective way to communicate with customers. Community Managers that receives the negative comments and prefer to ignore the criticisms (whether or not substantiated, one agrees or not) are losing one of the best opportunities available to them to improve the relationship with users. Furthermore, only receive good comments, it’s very boring.

A complaint often affects more than one person

Keep in mind that all followers of social networks are not actively involved. When a complaint (of a product, of any concrete action), it is almost certain that many other customers are thinking the same thing or something similar. So should not be considered as an exception that complaint, as a typical comments from someone who likes to annoy or attention. To paraphrase the Godfather is not personal, it’s business.

That particular complaint is actually an opportunity to please many users who have not made, but they think that their self. Solving the problem presented or adequately responding to a blunder of the company, you can retain the followers much more effective than an offer of a product launched through social networks.

Every complaint is an opportunity for the brand, to improve, to show it brands personality. Sometime complaint against dozens of satisfied customers has solved a problem. Really, an unique opportunity to grow the company.

On the other hand, if ignores the complaint, if you delete that comment. Thinking that perhaps no one has read it, sooner or later the same or similar ones appear.

Learn when it to be there and when to disappear

One of the advantages of social media is that it is a forum where you can produce a discussion among many people. Again, for better and for worse. Undoubtedly, this social media features makes it necessary that the brand moderates this conversation. It is not uncommon that a user could resolve concerns identified in that conversation.

Be positive

This does not mean trying at all costs to make everyone happy participants in the forum of the brand. If there is a problem, try to solve it, listen to all parties who have something to contribute together and come up with a solution. But do not waste time and energy on trying to change the way of life of the people. If a customer is angry (often rightly), the best way to calm him is solving the problem. Aim mood change is a waste of time.

At this time, not in the time of crisis. But later, when an analysis it from what happened.

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Tips to Enhance Your Google PPC Results

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ppc tips

How to make money with Google ad words and thus increase the PPC campaigns, sellers are more under pressure to deliver the positive results. The PPC campaigns depend on the following factors:

  •  Position your ad
  •  Click Through Ratio (CTR)  and
  •  Conversion rate

Finding the right balance among the conversion rate, ad position and CTR is the starting point for successful PPC advertising. Before exploring tips to help make your campaign better, come quickly to the concept of how Google displays ads in its sponsored results:

  • Keep daily budget so frequency display ad

The frequency is expressed by the number of impressions. If your daily budget is not high enough, your ad may not be shown at all times (which means it does not have enough impressions per day)

  • Ad position depends on the number of classification

Against highest rank, the higher your ad position on the page. The index number is calculated based on the following formula:  Range = Number of CPC (cost per click) x CTR (Click Through Rate) x (Ad Quality) Now we are ready to explore and put it all into practice and help PPC campaigns to improve your results:

  • Improve your ads

If your ad does not appear every time with your keyword, it may be a sign that your daily budget is not high enough. As you know, I frequently display ads is controlled by the daily budget. If you want your ad to appear more often, consider increasing your daily budget to get maximum exposure of your ad. For example, if your daily budget is $ 10.00 per day, you can set your daily budget to actual $15.00 per day to Google ad words, because their actual spending will be based on your click through rate, setting the highest daily budget allow your ad more visibility, but actual spending may still be in the desired range. However, make sure to control your advertising costs to date and if they are getting too high, lower your budget campaign.

  • Improving the delivery of ads by keyword

Each campaign can have one or more ad groups. An ad group is a group of keywords and ads that are displayed when keywords are searched in Google. The explanation is again behind the daily budget that controls a number of impressions for your campaign. These impressions are distributed among individual ad groups and even between individual keywords. Therefore, it is possible that some keywords in an ad group in particular have more impressions than others, meaning some keywords that will trigger your ad more frequently than others.  If you want to improve ads for specific keywords, you can consider splitting your keywords and creating a new keyword campaign with both lower. This should improve the frequency with which they activate their ads and also make money with Google.

  • Optimize your ad groups

As mentioned above, each campaign has one or more ad groups. Often, the impressions are not divided equally between ad groups. Therefore, it may be that some groups are more ad impressions and show your ad (s) more often than others. It is a very similar scenario as with keywords.  To improve the performance of your ad groups under-performing, you can consider creating a new campaign for them to increase the frequency in Google.

  • Analyze clicks

Make sure that the clicks are made for specific keywords targeted. If you are getting lots of clicks that are not target keywords, consider reducing the maximum CPC and / or the position of your ad, to improve your ROI. Likewise, you can increase bids for specific keywords that are performing well.

  • Optimize Your Ads

Make sure that the supply of specific keywords, interesting created ads and link to relevant content on your website. Keywords that are targeted to be elected to the target market and desired. If you do not choose wisely, misdirected and eventually spend your advertising budget. The ad that you create needs to attract the attention of your prospects. You need to communicate your unique selling feature – in other words, what makes your product or service different from others and why a visitor should visit your site. Be specific about your offer. Finally, ask them a visitors guide to the content of your website where they can access more information about the advertised offer. The landing page should also clearly state what is the next natural step to make and buy your product, download the document, register for a free trial, etc.  PPC management requires hard work and testing, but if you stick to the basics You can make money instead of losing it. Remember, the only measure that matters on the Internet is the gain obtained.

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How to Promote A New Product On A Budget

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how to promote product on budget

how to promote product on budget

If you find yourself in the situation of wanting to promote a product that you are bringing to market new and do not have much capital for it, here are some ways to promote a product on a budget you can consider:

Make home demonstrations or tastings

One way to promote a new product without investing a lot of money is to make demonstrations and tastings in our own home.

To do so would invite some relatives, friends, neighbors and acquaintances, to show or would give them to try the product, which would allow us to not only get our first customers, but our first recommendations, as well as obtain valuable information reactions, opinions and suggestions.


Another way to promote a new product without having a big budget is to promote it on the Internet.

Free Samples

Selling a new product can be a difficult task, especially if there are many similar products on the market, which consumers are already buying.

But one way to capture those customers who are buying them to competition, is giving a free trial of our product, for example, if we sell candy business through intermediaries, may choose to leave a tray with some of our candy for the put on desk and offer sweets to their customers free of charge.

Participate in fairs

Finally, another way to promote a product that has just been launched to the market without having to invest a lot of money is to rent a small office or stand in a local fair.

Although for this strategy to be effective advocacy, we must have a good range of products, in addition to glossy brochures and business cards, which we can give to consumers to consult or show interest in any of our products.

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Quality Web Traffic through Free Advertising

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quality web traffic

quality web traffic

Without web traffic not an Internet business thrives.

One of the many challenges of starting a business online is to get traffic to your web site. Unfortunately for most beginners, quality traffic is not only difficult to achieve but also expensive.

Techniques for Web traffic 

First we will consider some alternatives to use to generate web traffic:

The first option that comes to mind is the Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). Pay Per Click is a way to attract web traffic to your site, and if the ads are written correctly tend to attract highly targeted traffic. The disadvantage of Pay per Click cost.

To start a PPC campaign, the webmaster should bid on the keywords or phrases related to the content of the website promoted and attract web traffic. After the bidding, the ads appear on the Internet to receive hundreds or thousands of impressions. When an Internet user clicks on the ad, the bid amount is loaded instantly to the advertiser’s account.

These PPC ads should only be used to promote special offers and also should not be the only way to attract web traffic to your website. Similar to PPC ads is the pay per impression (PPI). Although virtually indistinguishable to the audience you are targeting, the ads are different PPI for advertisers. PPI advertisers pay every time their ads are displayed.

For this type of advertising is effective and generate web traffic, the site where the ads are shown to offer complementary products to those offered, or vice versa. As you can see, an important factor is advertising, depends entirely on your budget. If you can afford to pay for traffic, you can run an advertising campaign, but if your budget is tight, then you have to find other ways to generate web traffic.

What is the tool designed for web traffic generation you need to use?. One way to use to drive more traffic to your website is to write articles. To write articles do not need to be a writer or a Nobel Prize winner for literature. What if it is necessary to know or understand about what you’re writing, and also show passion for the subject through writing?

In order to get your items to attract web traffic to your site, you should make sure it is posted all over the internet, and you should have a link to your site at the end of each article you write.

Article directories are a great tool to get your articles are published, with the possibility of attracting web traffic. Most website owners are struggling to keep them fresh and interesting content for visitors, but due to lack of time is often very difficult to publish original content.

The webmasters take advantage of the free content you provide through your items, and return the favor, showing a direct link to your website.


So, now you can typing in your word processor,  only write about things you know and enjoy. Be yourself.

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The Obsolete Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan as a process is highly effective because it forces us to break the routine to enter a strategic context, at least for a few days; however, many organizations make it a bureaucratic event more than a party ideas and new strategies.

The deployment of new digital media and new consumer mobility require more creativity on the part of the marketer, so I invite you to modernize and possibly reinvent the marketing plan, as far as possible with the following thoughts:

  • Combine internal data with external data. Many sales budgets are built with internal information for previous years. Today we have several tools that can generate an “insight” finest customer of what it intends to sue. Social networks are a great barometer of consumer expectations, and it can function as a projection engine.
  • Close the window of time. Under present conditions is difficult to develop an annual plan effective without their quarterly reviews. This can vary between industries or markets, but the speed with which changes are brewing is growing. Important also is that competition can now react before we do.
  • Make it simple. I’ve seen different marketing plans in great detail in the number of strategies, activities and channels. In my experience, the results can not cover planned. It is better to simplify as much as possible the generation of tactical
  • Convert the shares in projects. The project-based marketing is a mechanism for more effective administration of a launch or campaign.
  • Review investment mixes. In previous years it was easy to allocate budget for advertising or promotional activities due to the impact of the media did not change much. Currently mobility scope requires constant revision. Additionally, digital media and require greater participation in the investment mix.
  • Make it more graphic. There are still marketing plans that seem textbooks or dissertations. For a better understanding of it throughout the organization there is nothing better than doing graphic, educational, creative and fun. If the company requires us to write an entire doctoral document, seek to remove to Power Point or a shorter format and graphic.
  • Put it in action. Finally, the most important tip of all. We implement the result of planning. It is the simplest but routine, setbacks and other imponderables not allow to check back occasionally, quite often, the document that allowed us to translate our ideas and creativity.


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