Fundamental Rules of Web Design Business

November 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

web design business rules

web design business rules

What type of designs do more like? The design of website must be above reproach, not the only one thing that sells. The selling are usually ideas behind the words. For this reason, to sleek design from the point of the image, it is necessary to talk to other aspects of creating an effective website: ease of use, navigability, the effectiveness of the text in the home page, tools used and site structure

Ease of Use

  1. The home page should be the ease of use. it must catched the visitors eye. All the benefits should be included in the same page, with links to sub pages that are developed in more details.
  2.  How to contact the company and how to buy products must be shown on all site pages.
  3.  Write short paragraphs, using active verbs of the company. It is not appropriate to compensate the lack of literary inventiveness with excessive graphics, photos, etc. Besides the message is distorted unnecessarily increases the download time and that loses the number of visits to the site: many users do not have the time or patience to wait for the download of graphics or images.
  4.  Organize information in paragraphs and visually well separated.
  5.  Improve every sentence ambiguous or questionable content from another point of view.
  6.  Submit text inviting the sitting action but reliable and honest.
  7.  Establish the best structure and organize hierarchically and convenient.
  8. All pages must follow the same aesthetic style.


9. The headings should communicate the idea to general page.

10. Every page should have a link in the contact and sales pages.

 The Image

11. Vendor’s sites should be never as personal sites or amateur.

12. The company logo is essential.

13.  If you do not know how to program, it is best to use the professional services or use a good web     page editor.

While reviewing these points one by one and make sure that the site itself meets all these requirements and design seem laborious to something overwhelming, will save time and effort. And greatly facilitate sales.

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