Long term relationships: An income-generating strategy

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Long Term Relationship Marketing

Long Term Relationship Marketing

Did you know it’s more expensive to get new customers? And what our current customers may represent up to 60% of our income? Today’s Employers are taking care of the details that promote excellent long term relationship with our customers. Meet them now.

Establish long-term relationships with customers means, recognize their needs, determine how to meet them, how to design and develop relevant services ongoing monitoring programs. To achieve these objectives, a company must reassess the client and perceive it as a single entity, as the ratio of business.

The client:
Client is the most important person in the company. Without customers there would be no business and as the saying “The customer is not always right, but it is the reason for the business.

They depends on us, we depend on them. If we do not give the attention of require thing, they easily go somewhere who offers mores.

It’s part of our business, not an outsider. Must be looked after as well as our staff are the best reference before potential customers.

A client who comes to us with their needs and demands, is our commitment to respond to them. Given attractive offer to our customers we have to meet their needs both products of care.

Give an opportunity to prove our excellence. Each client is unique and special, we must treat them differently and learn from the personalities of each client and businessman, this way we will address and respond to different patterns.
How do you do customer’s perspective?
By meeting their expectations and demands: Comprehensive service turns out to be a benefit to any customer who in meet your needs. Deal with specialists for clients and users is useful to know with whom they deal.

Give Technological or digitized services that value as both personal attention and customization according to the characteristics of the product and customer needs. Expertise and quality of service guarantee and denote the experience and quality that a company has to be proud of, to mention and is working under standards established and accepted.
How facilitate it?

We all like to have loyal customers and constant, as this gives us strength and safety in our business. The most important thing in a relationship with a client is trust, without it you can not achieve a healthy communication, we must maintain and cultivate good mood surprising them to anticipate in providing suggestions that give value to your company.

The positive impact that we will with this, is that being trustworthy is regarded as a key factor in building lasting relationships.


The customer knowledge is vital to have a long term relationship, because only in this way the company will be in a position to meet their present and future needs. We must take into account that the customer bases its decisions on the level of intimacy that a company has with him, that is, expects to be recognized for their treatment has been among them.
When a company really knows who is serving, may preempt standing their needs at an advantage over the competition and gradually becoming indispensable for the client.

Retain customers is an art and requires constant dedication, once a company understands the needs of its customer base and establish appropriate monitoring in relation to them, the effort is becoming second nature .

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