How Social Media Helps Google Positioning

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No doubt that all activity on social networks enhances our position in Google. In fact, this seems to be taking more and more importance, at least Google has already mentioned in its new policies. What remains unclear are the specific mechanisms through which Google uses social media presence to position in their results. However there are some steps to take that will surely help us which presented here.

Different social networks have different ways of expressing the approval of publications by the public. To Facebook ‘s “Like” and Google+ is “+1”. Whatever the action, all of which have a recognized effect on positioning. It is therefore advisable to encourage them, either by including the social buttons on our website or share our content on networks.

The growth of our authority will improve our position. The “authority” is the recognition that the public has of us, what says and the importance assigned to us on the web. For it to grow we varied ways, but the most important is that we be useful to the public, that we give them something they need, not just advertising. Some ideas are: a blog offering information where you can interact with the public, participate in discussion forums, share content on social networks, sharing third-party publications that are useful, commenting on other sites, etc.

There are many other people who enjoy high recognition authority and public networks. So why do not relate to them? The power exchange and learn from them is an opportunity that gives us the Social Media. In turn, this interaction will lead us to increase our authority.

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