How to Turn Facebook Fans into Potential Customers

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How to Turn Facebook Fans into Potential Customers

How to Turn Facebook Fans into Potential Customers

We all want to get more fans on Facebook. However, the success of a campaign in this network  must be measured not only so, but also, according to the number of fans that are able to convert them into potential customers.

For example, if your Facebook page has 700 fans, but does not generate traffic nor potential customers, means that the “relationship” you have with the fans does not contribute to the success or the business objectives of your company.

Six strategies that can help achieve this goal.

  1. Build a welcome page
    Each time someone visits your site, invite him to be a fan and, once you press the button “Like”, point it to a tender or relevant content that motivates you to go to your website and fill out a form or another conversion. The image below shows how to invite a user to become a fan. The idea is that once the visitor clicks the next page you see this as an exclusive promotion or an opportunity, for which I have to go to your website.
  2. Share links to landing pages in the Wall
    In Facebook you have to constantly update and publish content, and we encourage users to comment and share with your contacts, as a page where they can download an e-book, or a discount coupon, etc.
  3. It offers exclusive content for Fans
    An Exact Target research indicated that 58% of Facebook users expect a business page offers exclusive content. In practice very few who take their chances for this, being a great opportunity to beat the competition. This exclusive content can be downloadable files or web pages that cannot be reached through the website, but only through the link posted on Facebook. In all cases it is necessary for users to first click “Like” on your Facebook and then encourages you to visit the website and we want to make the conversion.
  4. Use all that gives Facebook to promote your offers
    Occasionally you can change the profile picture (the classic company logo) and place an image with the promotion or the star of the week.
    We also recommend posting a link to a website promoting a specific product or in the “Information”. There are many people who visit these pages by clicking “Like”.
  5. Create custom pages to promote deals
    Customization is not a simple issue, but it can be done and is to create a page or section of your Facebook you are 100% dedicated to promoting a product in rotation, an event or an offer.
  6. Report
    It is good to note that in all these actions must avoid the daily bombardment of information to fans with these promotions and images. and we all get bored when a company promotes self constantly.
    In any case, your Facebook page should clearly reflect what your business does, so that users know what your products and services. From nothing we will generate quality content if the fans do not know or understand what we are offering.

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