Important Tips to Increase Visits to Your Blog

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No doubt the success of any blog or website is determined by the amount of visits you have. The more the better given that if it is a sales site the more frequently will and if it is a blog like this, the conversion from advertising is assured.

When you start a project from the start you are asked to do it because you love and above all count on the patience to work towards all your goals. Blogs are not a tool for us to become millionaires overnight but with constant effort anything is possible.

Write regularly. This is the most basic advice that can be offered to someone who is just beginning, ie, the content becomes “king” of all that depend blogger and stay in a caption competition which increases steadily. It is advisable to post every day, so the Google crawlers to highlight on your site by showing no interesting updates. The latter is a decisive factor, because it is useless to waste time writing things without value or shamelessly copied ever since the first will appear in search results.

It encourages visits by offering something for free. Many resort to this strategy because these days who could resist a gift and even more if it is something in our sole interest. Depending on your theme, there will be many people who will need a complementary resource to the text that you offer through your posts, can be a digital book, a video tutorial, a course in audio, free downloads, basic counseling, etc.. This is how you will see that more and more people subscribe to more relevant info.

Try to have interaction. Not that posting without receiving any views, either a review or a word of encouragement or congratulations for all the work done. If your items are within the requirements of the visitors, they will not hesitate to make at least some comment, indeed, many of the unsolved problems are solved just posted it in the comments provided both by users and by the webmaster.

Do not neglect to RRS Feed. Some say that this service, Feedburner, stop working, but while in force is one of the most recommended for the electronic visitors eager for more information. With this technology visitors can see if we have posted new content and more interest immediately on our website.

Build your network of blogs. There are two ways to design a network of blogs, the first is creating more quality sites so we link our URLs to each other, they can even be internal links from a single site, and the other is generating back links to our blog with different options like exchanging links with people who have our same interests. But remember that all this must be naturally without over because Google will detect it quickly and it will hurt. Today there are companies that engage in this kind of optimizations (external link generation) to legally but there are others that are just spam.

Forums. Such websites are very popular, and if you do a theme is that you master a particular topic, then you can avail yourself of that knowledge to not only provide guidance but to increase your monthly traffic by adding a link to your blog said platform. There will always be people who, though not so fond of blogging, always have an issue to resolve and if necessary come to your site to find answers to their problems.

Directories. Surely when you came to a certain website, you’ll notice at the bottom as the owner has placed a colorful buttons that draw little attention. Well, that is not there by choice because it means that this blog is registered in each of the directories that can be seen and this is just a move to get more visitors because when a new article is published, it is sent to those portals where users see it and visit it often.

Do not underestimate the plugins. Plugins are programs that are used mostly as complements to WordPress. Without these tools, a blog on this platform is not 100% and may not be able to be competitive. Some are simple ornament, or to improve aesthetics, and others to improve search engine rankings. Some of the most used are: Al in One SEO Pack, Google XML, etc.

Get involved with social networking. Social networks are a source of traffic that could bring you great satisfaction, the problem is that not all networks work the same way and perhaps serve you any more than another. Particularly I think Twitter is more viral than Facebook plus Google Plus is growing in good shape.

Mobile technology. Already there are several million users who have migrated to almost mobile devices and exploit this new traffic channel could cost thousands of hits per month. Just a matter of adapting to our blog for these platforms and ready, apart from that there is the possibility of getting money by placing advertising also optimized for this type of media.

As you’ll see are practical tips to not let others get stuck with most of the visits, and continue giving you more so you can still be a better blogger.

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