Major Mistakes Made By ‘Marketers’

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Major Mistakes Made By 'Marketers'

Major Mistakes Made By ‘Marketers’

Marketing people sometimes can do the craziest things, or more unimaginable. And many times the conversation between the marketing department of a company and its agency ends up. Eventually many campaigns end up sucking the life of many companies where the marketing team does the right thing. But this is avoidable if located what needs to change.  Here, shared the top 10 mistakes that marketers often make.

1. Scattered Objectives: Many marketers start with false assumptions, which is a waste of money. Many may not know that unless you are a giant company, cannot afford a branding company. If a campaign does not offer tangible results, do not spend money on it.

2. Asking too: do not ask a prospect to do too much early. Asks one thing and do not make the process confusing. The buying process is a series of decisions.

3. No financial model: Does your department have valued expectations in the best and the worst case scenario? If there is no assurance that you can get at least a certain percentage of return, it is best not to use that solution.

4. Not testing: Testing is usually doing something simple to get and relatively cheap. This makes it possible to know, in advance, what creative strategies produce better results.

5. Forget the previous results: if you have done the same or similar programs, do you know the results? If not, do not remember anything before you cast.

6. Leads blur: it is important to have an agreed definition of the leads that are expected. If the marketing team defines it one way and the other different sales, the program will have little chance to succeed.

7. No lead qualification: If the leads go directly to sales, without qualification, that will perpetuate the sales department complaining about the amount of leads, while marketing will complain about the lack of specific feedback from those sales .

8. without a process of evaluation of results: when and how you evaluate the results? If you do not have a clear answer, it is best to let go of the program, for now.

9. Estimates of costs: many companies underestimate the true cost of programs like trade shows and content syndication, but the error is to focus on the cost per lead and cost per sale in accepted.

10. Focusing on the short term rather than long-term results: Most of the companies focusing on very short term result rather than long term result. For this they are losing a substantial portion of investment

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