The Importance of “Social Factors” For SEO

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importance of social media factors

importance of social media factors

A brief history of social cues

Almost two years ago, in December 2010, Danny Sullivan wrote an insightful article ( on social cues and their influence search engine in qualifying. The article explored the possibility that social cues could affect the ratings, but the article was ahead of his time, a time that was dominated by scalable link building methods that were fashionable, and that was what really gave a result, and not paying any attention to social cues from a large part of the industry. Link building that were fashionable, and that was what really gave a result, and not paying any attention to social cues by a large part of the industry.

He concluded that most of the data from Facebook were not used by Google, due to lack of access to the data published by users on the walls of Facebook, but that the “re-tweets” if they serve as a new form of link building. Get your product is mentioned in tweets from influence-rs  this can help to raise the rating of your site in search results regularly, but only up to a point. Approximately two weeks later, Matt Cutts put out a video in which he confirmed that social signals, in fact play a role in organic SEO.

Today of Social cues
We are still trying to understand exactly how strong the role of social cues in organic SEO skills is: several studies have been conducted to determine the exact correlation of signals and SEO skills, with mixed results. However, it is clear that the importance of social signals is increasing as time goes on, and that’s supposed a few questions:

  • How and why the ratings improve social cues?
  • What future has social cues regarding SEO?

Let’s explore each of these questions to help readers develop a fundamental understanding of the critical elements of social cues and how they relate not only to SEO, but the real goal of online marketing: more traffic within the web page and ultimately, revenue.

1. How social cues that enhance the ratings?
Answer to this question would always be to debate, we believe that social cues have a direct and indirect impact on organic search ratings.

– Direct impact comes from the following factors:

  •  The number of people who like your page on Facebook
  • The number of times your page is shared on Facebook
  • Number of tweets that mention and include a link to your website
  • Number of people who  have in your circle  within Google +

– The indirect impact comes from:

  • Links increase as a result of improved online visibility and knowledge of the brand.
  • Increased positive review by happy customers.

While direct impacts are quite clear, we will elaborate on the indirect impacts.

– An increase links and citations due to improved online visibility and awareness of the mark: The most important indirect impact of social media is its ability to generate new “inbound links” to improve knowledge of the brand and its visibility online.

If you can find, link to your page, and the links is still the most valuable factor in qualifying. In fact, while warming discussion at the SMX Advanced 2012, conference / exhibition biggest SEO, social signals about whether they were going to reach the links in terms of direct impact on the classification algorithm, Danny Sullivan conducted an interview with Matt Cutts in which links were still the most important criterion compared to social cues.

Cutts said, “There is a perception that if everything will become social, or links that are completely outdated. No doubt that in ten years it will be more important socially, and these are the most important signals, but not write the epitaph for the links yet.”

– An increase of the positive reviews because satisfied customers: Often today social media is used as an extension of the customer service department of a company. Users can tweet to the company and hope that this will answer directly. In addition, customers can receive product support on the company Facebook page, avoiding telemarketers and customer service departments.

This easy access to a company makes the customer feel a closer connection with the organic and brand , increase customer loyalty and strives consumer confidence, all of which lead to more and better scores on review sites like Google and Yelp . These Channels participate in social media makes joining the mark s with customers and prospects. The voice of the social media a brand defines its image and unlike a distant entity making it a mark of fashion, which is not afraid to be near the user.

2. What future has social cues regarding SEO?
In two years, companies operating in competitive market niches have not an aggressive strategy in social networks will be overlooked by companies; social signals are becoming the new “link” in terms of overall importance in classification algorithm. Although we believe that the value of links as an indicator rating ever completely go away, we do believe that both direct and indirect impacts of social signals, possibly be more important than the links as rating factor.

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Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from large to small web development company. He is currently working for a website development company which is in specialized iPhone application development.


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