The Obsolete Marketing Plan

November 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Marketing Plan as a process is highly effective because it forces us to break the routine to enter a strategic context, at least for a few days; however, many organizations make it a bureaucratic event more than a party ideas and new strategies.

The deployment of new digital media and new consumer mobility require more creativity on the part of the marketer, so I invite you to modernize and possibly reinvent the marketing plan, as far as possible with the following thoughts:

  • Combine internal data with external data. Many sales budgets are built with internal information for previous years. Today we have several tools that can generate an “insight” finest customer of what it intends to sue. Social networks are a great barometer of consumer expectations, and it can function as a projection engine.
  • Close the window of time. Under present conditions is difficult to develop an annual plan effective without their quarterly reviews. This can vary between industries or markets, but the speed with which changes are brewing is growing. Important also is that competition can now react before we do.
  • Make it simple. I’ve seen different marketing plans in great detail in the number of strategies, activities and channels. In my experience, the results can not cover planned. It is better to simplify as much as possible the generation of tactical
  • Convert the shares in projects. The project-based marketing is a mechanism for more effective administration of a launch or campaign.
  • Review investment mixes. In previous years it was easy to allocate budget for advertising or promotional activities due to the impact of the media did not change much. Currently mobility scope requires constant revision. Additionally, digital media and require greater participation in the investment mix.
  • Make it more graphic. There are still marketing plans that seem textbooks or dissertations. For a better understanding of it throughout the organization there is nothing better than doing graphic, educational, creative and fun. If the company requires us to write an entire doctoral document, seek to remove to Power Point or a shorter format and graphic.
  • Put it in action. Finally, the most important tip of all. We implement the result of planning. It is the simplest but routine, setbacks and other imponderables not allow to check back occasionally, quite often, the document that allowed us to translate our ideas and creativity.


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