Learning From Negative Reviews and Comments

November 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Learning From Negative Comments

Some social media managers do not realize the importance of critical comments, if not simply negative users. In most cases, the negative comments are learning much more than the positive. They tend to be more honest otherwise. I know for a fact that many writers are disappointed when they teach their work and only hear an “ah, well, I like”. It may sound a little worst, but a review (where educated and more or less reasoned) gets you receiving. (Indeed, I look forward to a review of that kind to this article.)

For the Social medial company, an easy, convenient and effective way to communicate with customers. Community Managers that receives the negative comments and prefer to ignore the criticisms (whether or not substantiated, one agrees or not) are losing one of the best opportunities available to them to improve the relationship with users. Furthermore, only receive good comments, it’s very boring.

A complaint often affects more than one person

Keep in mind that all followers of social networks are not actively involved. When a complaint (of a product, of any concrete action), it is almost certain that many other customers are thinking the same thing or something similar. So should not be considered as an exception that complaint, as a typical comments from someone who likes to annoy or attention. To paraphrase the Godfather is not personal, it’s business.

That particular complaint is actually an opportunity to please many users who have not made, but they think that their self. Solving the problem presented or adequately responding to a blunder of the company, you can retain the followers much more effective than an offer of a product launched through social networks.

Every complaint is an opportunity for the brand, to improve, to show it brands personality. Sometime complaint against dozens of satisfied customers has solved a problem. Really, an unique opportunity to grow the company.

On the other hand, if ignores the complaint, if you delete that comment. Thinking that perhaps no one has read it, sooner or later the same or similar ones appear.

Learn when it to be there and when to disappear

One of the advantages of social media is that it is a forum where you can produce a discussion among many people. Again, for better and for worse. Undoubtedly, this social media features makes it necessary that the brand moderates this conversation. It is not uncommon that a user could resolve concerns identified in that conversation.

Be positive

This does not mean trying at all costs to make everyone happy participants in the forum of the brand. If there is a problem, try to solve it, listen to all parties who have something to contribute together and come up with a solution. But do not waste time and energy on trying to change the way of life of the people. If a customer is angry (often rightly), the best way to calm him is solving the problem. Aim mood change is a waste of time.

At this time, not in the time of crisis. But later, when an analysis it from what happened.

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