Tips to Enhance Your Google PPC Results

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How to make money with Google ad words and thus increase the PPC campaigns, sellers are more under pressure to deliver the positive results. The PPC campaigns depend on the following factors:

  •  Position your ad
  •  Click Through Ratio (CTR)  and
  •  Conversion rate

Finding the right balance among the conversion rate, ad position and CTR is the starting point for successful PPC advertising. Before exploring tips to help make your campaign better, come quickly to the concept of how Google displays ads in its sponsored results:

  • Keep daily budget so frequency display ad

The frequency is expressed by the number of impressions. If your daily budget is not high enough, your ad may not be shown at all times (which means it does not have enough impressions per day)

  • Ad position depends on the number of classification

Against highest rank, the higher your ad position on the page. The index number is calculated based on the following formula:  Range = Number of CPC (cost per click) x CTR (Click Through Rate) x (Ad Quality) Now we are ready to explore and put it all into practice and help PPC campaigns to improve your results:

  • Improve your ads

If your ad does not appear every time with your keyword, it may be a sign that your daily budget is not high enough. As you know, I frequently display ads is controlled by the daily budget. If you want your ad to appear more often, consider increasing your daily budget to get maximum exposure of your ad. For example, if your daily budget is $ 10.00 per day, you can set your daily budget to actual $15.00 per day to Google ad words, because their actual spending will be based on your click through rate, setting the highest daily budget allow your ad more visibility, but actual spending may still be in the desired range. However, make sure to control your advertising costs to date and if they are getting too high, lower your budget campaign.

  • Improving the delivery of ads by keyword

Each campaign can have one or more ad groups. An ad group is a group of keywords and ads that are displayed when keywords are searched in Google. The explanation is again behind the daily budget that controls a number of impressions for your campaign. These impressions are distributed among individual ad groups and even between individual keywords. Therefore, it is possible that some keywords in an ad group in particular have more impressions than others, meaning some keywords that will trigger your ad more frequently than others.  If you want to improve ads for specific keywords, you can consider splitting your keywords and creating a new keyword campaign with both lower. This should improve the frequency with which they activate their ads and also make money with Google.

  • Optimize your ad groups

As mentioned above, each campaign has one or more ad groups. Often, the impressions are not divided equally between ad groups. Therefore, it may be that some groups are more ad impressions and show your ad (s) more often than others. It is a very similar scenario as with keywords.  To improve the performance of your ad groups under-performing, you can consider creating a new campaign for them to increase the frequency in Google.

  • Analyze clicks

Make sure that the clicks are made for specific keywords targeted. If you are getting lots of clicks that are not target keywords, consider reducing the maximum CPC and / or the position of your ad, to improve your ROI. Likewise, you can increase bids for specific keywords that are performing well.

  • Optimize Your Ads

Make sure that the supply of specific keywords, interesting created ads and link to relevant content on your website. Keywords that are targeted to be elected to the target market and desired. If you do not choose wisely, misdirected and eventually spend your advertising budget. The ad that you create needs to attract the attention of your prospects. You need to communicate your unique selling feature – in other words, what makes your product or service different from others and why a visitor should visit your site. Be specific about your offer. Finally, ask them a visitors guide to the content of your website where they can access more information about the advertised offer. The landing page should also clearly state what is the next natural step to make and buy your product, download the document, register for a free trial, etc.  PPC management requires hard work and testing, but if you stick to the basics You can make money instead of losing it. Remember, the only measure that matters on the Internet is the gain obtained.

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