Social Media Marketing for Beginners

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Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Social Media Marketing for Beginners

If you are an owner of a small business you may wonder how can develop and implementing a social strategy. Here is a series of steps with simple questions and simple answers that can guide beginners.

1.  The Cause
Why you start social networks? What is the purpose for your small Business or to get business through social media? If you are looking to advertise only enter and sell unidirectional sending messages, I suggest not start because it does not work well. The social networksare a dialogue conversation. Customers want to talk, comment, make suggestions, and recommend a business or brand if they had a good experience about a product or service. If the experience is not so good they do complain.

So before you start, be clear about your goals and intentions in social media. Are you able talk to with customers? Or why to build the reputation of your brand? Or do you find new customers and improve sales? Each of these plans has implications for how your company will operate in Social Media, and affects networks in which you participate.

Important: Create a list of the key reasons why you want to start in social networks. Be specific about the results you hope to achieve (Clear objectives: amounts and targets).

2. The Plan and other aspects of marketing

If you plan to create online social network then think like social networks which will be integrated to overall plan marketing company. Remember today social networks are part of your strategy not entire strategy. Are you going to sell through social media? Will you use Twitter to bid? How will you be tracking these efforts online and offline?

Important: If the team or sales will be affected by new social tools, take the time to talk to them, coordinate and ensure that everyone is on the same route of internal and external communication.

3.  Communication: define the word

How are you going to represent your brand online and who will be responsible or communication? A director of the company, the business owner, an employee? A external consultant? Many companies maintain a presence with several employees can share the responsibilities.

Important: Keep marketing advisers for your company who represent, communicate and manage it. Note that this requires knowledge, time and money investment.

4.  Defining Customer

Who is your target audience? Where is? What gender and what age? Where they live?

You can meet clients in their physical online store or business, you must spend time for searching where your potential customers, this means doing a little research and listen online.

Social media is global. Are you going to talk to everyone or is going to focus on just your local customer base? Take time to define its strategy to focus on social networking audience.

Important: Investigation who are they? Where are they? help to create more effective strategy and better segment for customers.

5.  Analyze and measure all

How will you measure success in social media? Some measure everything in terms of sales. For others, it’s building a brand, customer satisfaction, generating inquiries or obtaining names on a mailing list.

All these results are valid, make sure you have to know what you want to achieve before you start, so you can make plan, measure and whether their efforts achieve success.

Important: Choose a few metrics and establish a simple way to follow and analyze. Taking time to analyze and measure demonstrate the medium term if the investment is being profitable or not.

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Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a web development company which is in specialized iPhone application development and SEO Services


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