Email Marketing – 5 Actions to Achieve Efficient Conversion

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Email Marketing - 5 Actions to Achieve Efficient Conversion

Email Marketing – 5 Actions to Achieve Efficient Conversion

Email marketing is it still valid. And we thought the stardust of Social Media had overshadowed any marketing action – that had less socially-efficient outcome.  We started with this exaggerated reflection, through the absurd, invites us to reflect on the importance of drawing from each of the disciplines of marketing the most efficient actions for our purposes.

We live in the cycle of the marketing mix, the images and content, live exposed through a quintuple dichotomy that makes up our unique fingerprint from five profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest, thus forming new cycle humanized composed of individual talents fueling social action communities Factbook, constant information to Twitter, team meetings on Google + and brand images on Pinterest.

Email marketing, an ally in building brand

Social networks are great allies of SMEs but so is email marketing, it is not only communication channel remains synonymous with bonds of nature “more intimate” with our most loyal customers, it is also, if we implement 5 simple actions can make email marketing strategy a great ally of the conversion of our customers.

Let’s see how to do; what actions can more efficient to take advantage afforded us by the email marketing?

1. Subject, “the impact of the message” applying the same logic efficient messaging in social media. The subject of our email marketing strategy should contain the keywords that define the brand message and also should be able to directly impact the needs of the recipient.

2. Post, short and direct. As always, as in all when we consider writing a Tweet from impact, when we promote content Facebook in our community or among our circles of Google + … direct messages, simple and focused and always without going into much. Harnessing the techniques of optimization strategies contained in our email marketing, it is very efficient.

3. Optimizes, simplifies the actions that should make your customers to read your message. Remember that the simpler result of receiving the information, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

4. Your image = memory. The logo your image, your brand  think for a moment why social networks based on the images as a link between brands and customers, as Pinterest, have such a level of acceptance? The image causes an instant recall, is why in email marketing strategies is restarted using the logo on the top and on the left side of our email.

5. Think of the customer. Imagine a scene increasingly real Monday; a user queries the charming restaurants that are in a particular street where you live. On Friday, while passing through the street with a friend from work, the strategy Restaurant geolocalizaicón activates and warns that there two streets, which is sought on Monday . Imagine how satisfied we can achieve overall customer know?

When we focus on email marketing strategy in that we need only deliver what they expect. Beyond conversion ratios email marketing strategy will bring us, the key to its effectiveness is the quality of the information they contain. And finally, an additional tip do not forget that email marketing is an action within your global branding. Keep the consistency and quality of your posts!

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Some Points to Keep In Mind When Doing SEO

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Some Points to Keep In Mind When Doing SEO

Some Points to Keep In Mind When Doing SEO

While it is true that SEO has many techniques that do not change because they are part of its own foundation. It is also true that we must consider that the way how to implement them, as well as its application is changing with time. Only now analyze some reason the length because SEO is a discipline that is changing and the urgent need to avoid all the mistakes that can seriously affect us in our daily work.SEO is a discipline that is changing and the urgent need to avoid all the mistakes that can seriously affect us in our daily work.

1. Search algorithms:

The most important thing is that search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google are constantly changing their search algorithms and Internet portals should re adapt to these changes.

It worked four years ago now have little or no sense and what works now maybe in two years does not, so we should be in a perpetual learning and following the movements of searching around.

2. New spaces to create link:

While you can create permanent links that help to position, visibility and popularity of your website. It is also true that as you need to reinforce that position to create new spaces are links that should be exploited.

Getting links is a very important part of SEO but it is not the only or the most important, we must also be careful where you get those links, however much they say, is not valid any link to our website.

3. Updating the contents:

There are many reasons to update content and these are not only due to new stories that appear but in addition to this there are different concepts that are updated over time, maintain our current items is a way to extract the juice as much as possible.

It’s so important to have fresh content and frequent update older content. We must study the analytic study of each of our internal pages to learn which of them should reinforce with content updates to make the most of all these visits, write an article and leave in oblivion not a good idea, especially if the article is well positioned for a key and giving us good views.

4. Competition:

The competitive market is not static at all but just the opposite. For this reason it is necessary to consider all available resources at your fingertips to hit the mark in this very important aspect.

You work every day on your website but you have to consider your competition and so do really much you work up your positions.

Studying your competition and how they work is almost as important as studying your own site.

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How Google Panda and Penguin Algorithm Can Affect Link Building Strategy

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Yes, you read that correctly. Two very innocent animals have caused a major showdown in the Search Engine Optimization industry. There are articles about it everywhere and everybody seems to be talking about it. These are algorithms which have affected how your website is perceived by Google and that determines your SEO ranking.

Before finding out how they affect your ranking, here is a quick look at what Panda and Penguin are.

Google Panda

Panda is a Google algorithm that is designed to find out websites that use low-quality content. They target sites that have bad wafer thin content and filled with advertisements.

Google Penguin

Penguin is the algorithm that finds out websites that violate the terms of Google’s guidelines to improve their ranking. They find out sites that have over-optimized on and off-site Search Engine Optimization Services, stuff keywords, buy links and overuse anchor texts.

Now that you know what they are, here are four ways Panda and Penguin affect your ranking.

1.    Remove Low Quality Content

The first thing you need to do is remove all the bad contents from your website. Go to Google Analytics > Content > Site Content > All Pages. The first pages that turn up are the ones that get good views, the ones way below are the ones that get no views and have bad content. Update them immediately. Remove the contents from the various sites you have contributed to build up your link.

2.      Use Content That Has Good Quality

Now that you have removed the bad content, replace them with good content. If you have good quality with information that really helps your visitors, then you can be Panda-proof. Once you have used good content, they are ready to attract new link. You can now promote your website on social networking sites and attract more links.

3.      Research On Your Competitors

The best way to improve your website is to find out what your high ranking competitors are doing. Use the Backlink Reports tool to see the top backlinks of your competitor’s websites. Once you find them, check for the best links used by your competitors. Try to find out how you can get those links for your website by improving your content’s quality.

4.      Keep A Watch On The Anchor Text

Google Penguin red flags websites which use too many anchor texts, so use a tool that helps you keep a tab on how many links anchor texts you are using. The trick is to avoid using one keyword too many times. Use your company name, product name, service you provide and even the URL of the company website. If your links are on related pages Google will associate the link with your website. Link building is a difficult task and you would want to carry this task out carefully.

Invest some time into improving your SEO ranking instead of using illegal ways and you will not be affected by the Panda and the Penguin.

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Choose WordPress for Your CMS Website and Blog

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Choose WordPress For Your CMS website

Choose WordPress For Your CMS website

To create your first website or blog there is obviously much techniques and ways to achieve different difficulties. As a before develop its website “hard” will not be an easy task, which is long, daunting and ultimately quite boring is to advance especially if you are alone. To avoid this and begin to bring it quickly (well except if you really want to learn how to develop a website hard, then this is not a problem) the best way to discover this new world is the installation of a CMS.

But what is a CMS? “Content Management System “which corresponds in French to a system of content management is the ideal tool for a large number of sites could be called “classic”. This is for example the case of the one you are currently viewing that runs with WordPress CMS. Yes, because there are several types of CMS not have the same features and benefits. With WordPress, there is also facing CMS like Drupal, Joomla, SPIP and yet obviously many other less known.

WordPress, the choice of many!

Now, we must make a choice before embarking because switch platform is not always practical and in any case, I sincerely believe it is better to avoid. The content of websites, animate communities or referencing your passion that you will understand that it is better to stay on the platform initially selected. Otherwise you may need to redo a bit of PHP, HTML, or SQL, which may not be your cup of tea, even if the content of some CMS export very well, like WordPress in the “Tools”.

The ideal CMS was not necessarily an easy thing, no one was actually imposed and development that it could fall to such abandonment which would have been a big problem. Today, it is arguably WordPress which is required in the vast jungle of CMS for many reasons.

It is possible to directly start posting content to your new freshly website. You succeed without great difficulty and it will be possible to find help quickly thanks to the large community of WordPress. Another advantage is that it will be possible to find a theme WordPress so that your dress blog to your liking. It will be the talk of this because you should be wary of free themes on the Internet (in fact some are hiding malicious code) but do not panic, sites seriously there is no problem and they are very nice. In any case, you want style sheet design, design thinking in detail, you simply download the theme of your choice. In addition it will then obviously possible to edit, to our delight! (Therefore transform according to your preferences more subtle)

Your website under the WordPress platform can grow very quickly after a quick installation but you have to know about some details which would save lot of time. It is also the strength of WordPress because are the “extensions” that allow these things to “automatically” or-almost-lot property practices. Extensions will realize everything would still be required to hand in our hard, but really and very different things! Breadcrumb, placement of buttons for sharing on social networks, do follow comments, to improve the display of comments, the total creation of a Forum with WordPress, improving your SEO with SEO extensions and so much more!

This is the great strength of the CMS it is possible to do everything you want or almost quite easily and learn quickly. In addition, while some plugins are used extensively around the world, updates are very frequent with still a lot of news, besides WordPress also benefits often updates concerning safety! Simply install (click on a button in WordPress) and then make the appropriate settings for some extensions (optimal configurations are always available on the internet) and voila! WordPress is the CMS that I have chosen for these reasons, if you chose a different content management platform, I would be happy to discuss your suggestions in the comments for others also have their advantages negligible.

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5 Good Reasons to Be On Foursquare

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5 Good Reasons to Be On Foursquare

5 Good Reasons to Be On Foursquare

Foursquare is a location-based social network which is must-have for all Smartphone owners. To convince you. Here is listed some good reasons to enroll

Foursquare is a social network (like Facebook or Twitter ) that allows you to tell your friends places (bars, restaurants, shops, public places, etc.) that you go through ”  check-in “. The playfulness comes from the fact that, as you check-in, you engages points (compare to his friends) and badges (earned after completing some “challenges”). In addition, can also become more frequent Mayor (Mayor) of a place is simply the person who published the most  check-ins at this recently.

Now that you have grasped the principle, read these few lines, which I hope will encourage you to register on Foursquare!

Advice for everything and everywhere

You will for the first time in a restaurant? Check out the advice of users who have preceded you: they will tell you things to avoid like things not to be missed. But this is not all, Foursquare tips , it can also be the bus station for a suggested route, the schedule of opening the service quality of a store, parking tips in a neighborhood, etc. .

Receive discounts, or even more!

It is very fashionable in the United States and it starts to become more and more at home: when you become mayor ( Mayor )  of a place, you can receive discounts or even gifts. For example, a bar near me a cup of coffee / day the mayor of the institution. Or a restaurant is all flat at € 5 for the mayor. And the advantage is that, for the moment, there are still very few members of Foursquare in Europe! Enjoy it!

Have fun with your friends … or not!

Publishing check-in, you earn points. With these points, Foursquare publishes a ranking of 7 days for all your contacts. Believe me, it was quickly hooked and pulled out his Smartphone as soon as they can to grab some points and pass his buddy!

And if, unfortunately, you have not (yet!) friends on Foursquare, you can always try to achieve the various challenges of the social network to earn badges. There are hundreds, and for everyone!

Discover new places

Thanks to the “Explorer” and according to your preferences, Foursquare offers places of interest to you that are in your area! This is an opportunity to try new restaurants closed eyes based on the advice of other members of the network.

Increase awareness of your business

Finally, if you own a shop or a restaurant, add your company on Foursquare is the chance to improve your visibility. By implementing a benefit for the mayor (and clearly displaying your home), you will increase the interest of the members of the network. And there will be more interaction and feedback about your business; the more you will be displayed in the top results in searches. And hop, that all advertising is FREE to you that will bring new customers!

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4 Reasons Why Users Hate Your Fan Page in Facebook

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4 Reasons Why Users Hate Your Fan Page in Facebook

4 Reasons Why Users Hate Your Fan Page in Facebook

Facebook has become a very huge platform very important to boost marketing strategies in the world of social media, which already are many big brands that have a presence through fan pages on this channel.

Optimizing a fan page can be the difference between connecting with the target audience effectively and go unnoticed among the many profiles of brands already has a place in this social network.

So there are many brands that have managed to find the right path profiles resourceful and creative designing to get closer to your target audience, however, not all have run with the same fate.

1.-Profile picture that says nothing

Visual elements are becoming increasingly important in different social networks to attract and retain the attention of users on Facebook and this situation is no different.

A study by Shop Eye Track determined that a fan page visitors spend more time and attention to “analyze and observe” the cover image of the same as any other element within that space.

For this reason it is important that the cover photo and profile talk about what the brand is, what it does and what it offers, through an appealing, original and creative.

2.-No complete section “Information”
Like the cover photo this section is essential to make the brand more closely with the audience.

Although it seems something basic and simple, it is common to find fan pages in this section have only the slogan of his campaign or just leave the space blank.

It is important to provide valuable information that allows the audience to identify with the brand-specific data as something of its history, its foundation or what you hope to offer, for example, to locate the visitor-brand relationship on a higher level than just like.

3.-Constant Self Promotion

When a user first visits a fan page is the ideal opportunity to maintain the commitment and loyalty of the same with the brand, which is achieved through quality content that are useful, relevant, educational and interesting for hearing.

Thus, consistently publish content solely for the purpose of promoting the brand, its products or services will only make users lose interest in the profile.

It’s about finding the right mix between promotion and content that really encourage the participation of users, where the latter shall prevail in the background leaving messages that are one hundred percent focused on the brand.

4.-No post regularly and schedule all updates

Users are looking to interact with their favorite brands and interest, which are waiting to find information that allows them to maintain contact.

So brands need to worry about keeping your profile with information that is relevant to audience, where the program files should only be seen as a support and not as the only way to feed the content of the page.

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High Quality Search Engine Optimization Service Can Assist Your Business

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High Quality Search Engine Optimization Service Can Assist Your Business

High Quality Search Engine Optimization Service Can Assist Your Business

Search engine optimization service from Optiinfo that help you drive relevant visitors to your website and obtain the best search position on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Opti info Search engine optimization professionals realize that engines like Google give preference not just to off page components like external links and texts in the hyperlinks but also to factors which have a principal referring to your website. A highly planned and properly performed Search engine marketing plan takes every one of these factors note while arranging a Search engine optimization marketing strategy for virtually any project.

Opti info Search engine optimization service includes a series of well planned tasks. The attention of every of those tasks is towards improving the visibility from the web site in organic search results. A powerful campaign will ensure that the web-site gets grabbed by search engines like google because of its value, relevance, and importance.

The Search engine marketing process involves market research using advanced research tools. This includes information regarding the competitors experience, promotions, and keywords they can be using to bring in website traffic. Cost-effective Search engine marketing packages from top SEO consultants will help you get all the relevant data within your finances. Niche research is yet another important aspect of SEO. With all the right set of keywords and key phrases can’t only generate traffic, but additionally increase sales.

Opti info Search engine optimization service offer website search engine optimization as a part of their Search engine optimization campaigns. This calls for generating content material strongly related to visitors. Content is king for major search engines. Artistically written content with all the current best keywords can begin to play an important role when you get your web site top search positions. A crucial Search engine optimization process is search submission. Search engine marketing experts know how to submit websites to find engines and improve indexation levels. Google search submissions involve utilization of special tools and techniques which only trained Search engine optimization pros are prepared for properly.

Link building is an important SEO process and it has gained tremendous importance in the the last few years. Search engines place lots of weight within the volume of links to your website using internet resources. It reflects the benefits and also the trust that other websites place on your internet site. It is important to choose link-building measures carefully to create a dramatic improvement to your web page ranking around the leading search engines like yahoo.

Opti info Search engine optimization service delivers the best possible results within your resources by correctly identifying the proper Search engine marketing techniques to enhance the search positions of your respective web-site and have you quality site traffic. Other powerful Search engine marketing practices include directory submission plus article creation and submission. In expert Search engine optimization service, specialists identify quality link dir to submit to sites. Special directory submission services will let you choose directories strongly related the subject of your internet site. Manual directory submission services are offered also.

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