Key Benefits of the Geomarketing Technology and Strategies

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Geomarketing Technology and Strategies

Geomarketing Technology and Strategies

Geographic information is essential in many cases where you have to perform a task management, analysis, planning, natural resource exploitation, utilities management, environmental impact studies, and marketing, accessibility and mobility studies.

In some cases, territorial or geographic information has become one of the critical factors for successful management. But this is only possible if information is available. Not only it to have data, you have to have the knowledge and the means to add value to this data, making information enabling decisions.

The GeoMarketing, a tailored solution

Known as “Geomarketing” the set of data, processes and tools that allow, through the use of geographic information, analyzing and defining the market. Geomarketing encompasses multiple techniques both geographic analysis and visualization data, many companies have used in recent years to assess the characteristics of the market, expansion studies, design marketing campaigns, optimization of transport routes … etc.

What advantages do we get?

The Geographic Information Systems applied to Geomarketing let us first have a spatial view of the data, add value to them, then applying models to data and processes to perform a comprehensive analysis of the same. This greatly increases the productivity of studies not only in the analysis of data, but also in communication.

The use of geographic tools we can answer questions like: Where and how are my customers? What kind of customer I attract? How does it affect competition? What is the degree of accessibility of my trade? How I can plan to open new outlets?

What data are used?

One of the advantages of GIS is the ability to integrate data from diverse origins and usefulness. Depending on your data source differ two types:

Company data: Data generated by the company, often stored in different files, often underutilized.

External data: Data generated by third parties for multiple applications. They can describe socioeconomic variables, accessibility, location of competition, administrative boundaries etc…

Who uses it?

Geomarketing is often used by companies that operate in multiple locations. However SMEs increasingly use it to optimize their decisions.

Telephone companies, banks, supermarkets, distribution centers, franchises, restaurants i.e. companies of various types and sizes apply geomarketing as another tool in their studies.

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