5 Reports Should Not Miss In Google Analytics

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As you know one of the most important tools Google makes available to those involved in the marketing world, is its statistical measurement service site called Google Analytic .

Through this tool it is possible to obtain valuable information about the behavior of users from a brand-generated content within a web page, blog and other similar social sites which will be useful for improving digital marketing strategies based on desires, needs and habits of the target.

The aspects that can be analyzed with this tool are various reason why sometimes probably get lost among all the reports.

For this reason, we offer our readers the five basic reports that can not ignore when using Google Analytics to monitor their results on the web:

1.-social sources

This report evaluates since sites or social networks are generating the most traffic generated content.

This way, you can view the total amount of views generated at the sites mentioned the type of content that reaches more popular in specific social networks where information is shared more created by the brand, among other data where comparative tables show which may be contrasted against the general traffic from social sources to have a more open.


Keywords are essential to achieve better search engine rankings as these with which you want the target audience to identify the brand.

The keywords report offering Google Analytics is useful because it indicates about the which IP used by the brand, and the effectiveness that is taking each and views generated through search engines to each of such terms.

3.-Page Analytics

Through this report, you may know which are the places of a website that are caused more interaction between the audience and the most consumed content and residence time implies that each element.

Taking into account this information will be essential to identify the habits of visitors within the site, in addition to know which are the most relevant content for users which will optimize future strategies.

4.-Mobile General Report

Lets know how many users accessing the content of the brand through a mobile device, as long as they remain within the site and more elements that interact, for example.

Knowing this information will help to determine if the mobile brand experience offered to users is meeting goals, identify elements that do not work and act accordingly.

5.-Geographic Location

This report will be useful to learn from that location occurring as many views across a map that identifies this data by region.

Consider this information will be critical to better segment and target the publications and to identify where potential consumers are located and generate more relevant content according to their location

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