Generate Your Personal Branding On Social Networks

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Create Social Network Brand

Create Social Network Brand

The spaces 2.0 -or collective-creations are a reality in cyberspace although social networks and wikis technologies were designed to be informal. it is now possible to juice them out and make them a tool to create a personal branding .

The recipe is for anyone. A student, an entrepreneur, an unemployed and even a manager, you can bet on creating a personal brand. The reason is simple: a person communicates everything from haircut to shine shoes. That is why a good resume is not enough to position you had to go beyond the CV on paper, says Patricia Behisa, branding consultant and marketing.

Detailing the skills and abilities in each network is important for anyone to consult your network meet the professional side of your accounts and most importantly create original content to recognize your creative side and the degree of knowledge you have about themes. This will impact your “subscribers” and potential customers.

“Part of the success obtained in social networks has to do with the ability to play, fun and transgress the boundaries that exist in traditional media, but above all, freedom to be yourself in spite of everything,”

What matters is that you make it clear that the primary objective of branding 2.0 is not to sell but to position and it involves creating a clear and precise strategy that eventually you become a reference brand.

Keys to start your personal branding strategy

Identifies and highlights your skills, so that anyone reading your spaces knows what kind of professional you are.

Locate your niche well, to see how your strategy segmented. Must not sign up in all social networks but in those that you agree by the type of users who enter them. in those profiles that you can keep updated. A network is useless without upgrading.

Homogenizes the information, content and even photography in each of the profiles you have active on social networks.

Be consistent in each of your networks and measures the impact you are creating interaction with your audience through the interaction you have with users. If you prepare differently for each network content, the better.

Periodically measures the impact that it has on each of the networks to see if the strategy is working and know what is being done well and what does not.

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