Making an Advertising Campaign Step By Step

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Advertising Campaign Step By Step

step by step Advertising Campaign 

This exercise requires a set of elements and coordinated messages, disseminated through the media.

The advertising is a technique that seeks to persuade consumers through messages that impact and appeal to you. This strategy seeks to promote the consumption of a product or service and give visibility to a particular brand.

The diffusion of products emerged from the origins of civilization and trade, as there was the need to communicate the existence of products and services which was done by speaking.

In the late eighteenth century, during the Industrial Revolution, modern advertising began to evolve in the United States and Britain, where the first advertising agents. In the twentieth century, agencies professionalized and creativity to take a key role in drawing up an ad.


The advertising seeks to accomplish two main objectives:

– Informing consumers about the benefits of a particular product or service, differentiating it from other brands.

– Tipping the scales motivational people to the product using psychological methods, so that the probability of purchase is greater. But how do you make a campaign successful? The first thing to consider is that the advertising media has a short durability, ie works for a year or less.

Now explain how to run your campaign.
The first thing to do is to establish the objectives of the campaign, that is, identify what is to be achieved through it. These objectives include:

-To present a new product.

-Report on the characteristics of a product.

-Highlight the benefits of the product.

-Position the brand.

-Persuade, encourage or motivate purchase.

Audience or target market

Once the first step, you should analyze the audience or target market which will target the advertising, as this will allow the development of messages and advertising strategies suitable for the chosen segment.

The reason for this segmentation is a product of the public does not have access to the same advertising channels, react differently to the same message type.

Media and advertising channels

This third step is very important because you must define the means or channels to be used for sending the advertisement. These include: radio, television, magazines, Internet, newspapers, brochures, among others.

Compose the advertisement

The wording of the message to be broadcast by a channel or media is very important and should be done with care and precision, as any mistake can determine the success of advertising.

The message should contain the key product features and highlight those that benefit the target audience. It is also important to highlight the quality of it, in order that consumers associate the product with the status that will give.

It is important that the message is made clear, accurate, and easy to understand fluid to get the attention of consumers.

Launch Campaign

After performing all the steps described above should be made ​​effective advertising campaign in the media throwing chosen. If you can attract more clients than they had, then it is a sign that the advertising strategy achieved its objectives.

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