The Blocks of the Successful Online Design Store

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The Blocks of the Successful Online Design Store

The Blocks of the Successful Online Design Store

Creating an online store is an effort on several fronts which must be considered with great care. Many people turn to design an online store without knowing, for example that graphic design impact on customer behavior in the store or on system performance and costs of maintenance. Everything is connected in a system of this kind.

Falls is not even in the paralysis by analysis, but consider a number of issues that will impact business results whose goal is to sell to make money. In this post, we will look at the basic building blocks for the design of an online store.

Does using a standard or custom create one?

The first question to be is the same as in many other software projects and is the system which type is best for use to create an online store: a standard adapted or developed as one, created from scratch. In general these are the target customers of each type of system:

  • System adapted standard: a standard adapted has the advantage that it draws on the experience of other projects of online stores that have evolved software, which avoids having to re-develop parts work properly and support the costs involved. It is ideal for low-budget projects and for those who do not want to complicate life.
  • System developed as: custom developed systems have the major advantage that if there is a definition and development team of competent, can adapt to the business 100% online store. In exchange, the cost of development definition is fully borne by the customer, which may not be suitable for more modest budgets. This type of software is suitable for very exclusive projects that require a high level of customization and functionality not available in standard systems.

The keys to establish good online store

When defining the requirements of a project to implement an online store, should be taken into account such diverse aspects such as the following:

  • Technical requirements: the technical requirements of the online stores, the simpler the better. Not to have the best system in the world is going to sell more. Technically, what you should ask the management software is the online store that is scalable, secure, easy to evolve into later versions, you can migrate to another platform if necessary, or is easily adaptable to the design of the brand. When setting the technical requirements is important to consider the channels through which they want to allow purchases and preferences of customers to buy. Today many people use mobile phones and tablets to access the Internet and through these devices through which they would like to shop. Until recently, online stores were supported only on the site, but today it is normal as extending through mobile applications and smart phones.
  • Design requirements: level design, it is important that the store has a certain appeal that suits the brand and gets the customer feel comfortable. Keep in mind that the design affects the way in which customers make use of the store. For example, a lightweight and intuitive will make purchases quickly, which increases the probability of successfully closing the purchase process and avoid losing sales along the way. A heavy and ornate design (with sound, very large images, with videos that do not add value etc.), Can be a burden in the purchasing process that causes the loss of sales and, what is worse, the client does not never want to return. Please note that the design also has its effect on the maintenance cost, as a store “heavy” will require greater attention from technicians and will, for example, a higher cost per bandwidth consumed. Another point related to the design is that affecting the payment gateway, which must be customized to the client attempting not have the feeling of “leaving the store and come back” when paying.
  • Requirements workflow: when selling online is very important to implement a workflow that is intuitive, so allowing the development of effective and efficient manner all customer purchases. From the time when the customer arrives at the store, it is vital to show on screen whenever necessary options to encourage you to go a given circuit to take you to the completion of the purchase. This includes pay, hence the importance in having a good payment gateway , which is integrated with the system the most, both in terms of design, as a technical level. At the time of creating workflow requirements, it should be noted that there is also mention ducts for cases in which the purchase fails or when the client wishes to proceed to make a return. It may not have been successful in a sale, but that does not mean that you cannot add value to the customer. If you want to re-buy, it is important to establish a good workflow that allows you to return the product and get your money, all with the least possible effort.

Support services involved in the workflow should also be considered. Online stores allow you to shop over 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so that customer service should be well dimension-ed to avoid customers with eternal hope the phones, when they need to go to them.

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