How to Respond To a Crisis in Social Networks?

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How to Respond To a Crisis in Social Networks?

How to Respond To a Crisis in Social Networks?

With the advent of new technologies and revolution around access to information the marketing crisis are around a post, so the warning passing marks at a faster rate from green to red demanding in turn a faster intervention to repair or minimize the negative impact. Today, a good or bad management can turn a brand, product or service, a hero or villain to the consumer.

In this sense, five steps: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance to respond to critical situations facing brands. The structure has changed and a prompt response is not only a requirement but an obligation because consumers are more aware of what companies have to say about a negative point.

“Crises and information are more the order of the day social networks play an interesting role, negative and positive,” says Michelle Friedman, CEO of Media Com Eme.

He explains the positive sense that the information is more immediate, but negative because people do not analyze or verify such information before relying on is media or experts. Before it was easier to control information that was true, this is more complicated today everyone believes and even so-called opinion leaders are turning to the practice of spreading unverified information.

Even when we have clearly defined the crisis manual, the formation of the committee the hierarchy to act and who will make decisions, the best project to prevent and combat a critical situation is prevention, something that many brands do not know or take for fact.

“If you do not work in the prevention of these conditions are already in a crisis because it is dormant and if you are not prepared with a procedure manual or at least you’re not aware of the crisis that you face in your industry and how to handle the day they occur will be in chaos. It is best to have a preventive situation, “says the director of Media Com Eme.

Reaction before creating perception

If the crisis is underway, with the immediacy of information and increased false or distorted, the appropriate reaction is one of the best tools available for businesses.

It is the best antidote before the evil from spreading like wildfire through social networks. And, says the expert, if there is no reaction with truthful and timely official position on the matter it happens at the level of perception, where speculation, false or exaggerated versions, remain in the collective unconscious.

Each crisis requires specific management. It’s a very delicate situation in which critical decisions are handled and should have control of the flow of information to avoid confusion for other dangerous factor amid these circumstances.

“The perception is critical, “says Michelle Friedman” is not to deceive people but to find that the perception of the situation is in perspective we must report timely clear and accurately, but also have to monitor what is being said.”

Thus, when there is a crisis it is important to be aware of what they say public opinion and published opinion and based on this thinking and the reaction run.

The smart reaction

Each reaction implies a positive or negative so it is necessary to analyze each crisis because sometimes the immediate response is essential to stop the damage but sometimes the best option is to let things take their course and settle down taking advantage of that time to discuss who will be the person or brand spokesperson who will speak, who will make decisions, and even those who integrate and participate in the crisis committee to address this situation.

A crisis is not resolved by itself  so it is important to pay attention to certain elements to face  how to determine its magnitude, who reveals, what means what he says, how and when to say it, and be aware of whom is hearing.

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