Tips for Organizing Your Business Ideas

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Tips for Organizing Your Business Ideas

Tips for Organizing Your Business Ideas

The next big idea could come from your company who is: an employee, a customer, a supplier, and even a stranger. All those involved in business can drive innovation. But this also creates chaos, leading to the question, how do you ensure that the best ideas are not lost?

To adopt a true culture of innovation must organize ideas so as to facilitate act on them. “People continue to participate in a community of innovation if there is no action and transparency,” said Tim Meaney, CEO of Kindling, a tool for collaboration and idea management.  Therefore, These four tips to organize your ideas and motivate innovation:

1. Discuss the ideas in one central location Start by creating a specific place where they gather and share ideas. Be sure to use a dynamic tool that provides the necessary conditions for collaboration and feedback. Kindling offers this, like many other tools like User Voice, which allows customers to share and vote on ideas in an online forum, and some intranet services.  You can also use free tools like Google Docs or Google Hangouts to discuss and gather ideas.

2. Tag your lists of ideas to keep your ideas well organized, divide them by subject. You can create categories depending on who come as “ideas of customers” or rather relate to an area or project, e.g. “customer service”. Separate small group ideas will help you process them and choose those that best suit your business. T energy labels also lists makes people think of new ideas, especially if they relate to specific goals or tasks. The titles of your list should serve to encourage more creativity and generate new ideas.

3. Choose who will have to list for each list of ideas, defines a key person who shall possess the list and take charge of their care and evaluation. The person should be someone who is an integral part of your team and you have the personality to act on them. For example, the ideas that seek to improve the infrastructure of your website need to be collected by the charge of editing and maintenance. “This is probably the most important aspect of a functional program innovation: having a motivated person or team can to see those ideas into decisions, “says Meaney.

4. Treat your idea bank as an inbox to avoid accumulating ideas, try to analyze each of them as quickly as possible. Get rid of those that are not viable and separates those with potential and group them into labeled lists. Some require immediate action, while others must be designed to be decided.  When taking a decision, communication with your team. Let them know what ideas were chosen and rewards those who engendered. This will encourage more people to share their thoughts on the future.

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