Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

I would like to address this issue from a more practical point of view, functional, but I think it useful to begin with a definition of “Mobile Marketing” to understand that this is “the activity engaged in design, implementation and execution of marketing activities conducted through mobile devices. ”

Concept and current framework

We are growing a completely in technological era, whose social demands require us to be in constant evolution and communication with the rest of the world. Hence, mobile devices, such as digital media small, easy to use and management that can be easily transported anywhere without electrical connection to be used, are one of the most important elements to consider when wants to enhance communication. Among these, the most important are: Mobile Phones, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), iPods, portable consoles, GPS Navigators, etc…

Mobile Marketing Trends

Today, We can say that the main actions of mobile marketing is based on the development of communication campaigns involving the transmission of SMS, MMS, including automated outbound and specific content, or promotional information through mobile devices and databases aimed at previously treated and properly systematized.

Thus, this type of campaign can claim that a particular public to participate in promotions, contests or sweepstakes, previously announced on other media, usually radio, print or television, involving its user to send multiple SMS, MMS or make phone calls to participate.

Therefore, it is the order of the day the use of mobile devices as an advertising medium by inserting advertisements or sponsorship in content distributed through this channel.

In short, today, there are four modes or forms grouping the various mobile marketing actions: messaging (SMS and MMS), mobile Internet, voice and music and applications (popularly “Apps”).

Mobile Marketing as a business tool

As we have seen, the proper use of these trends would generate new business opportunities for existing or improved. In addition, you can use at any level or type of company and for any sector.

Accepting this reality is the way forward for mobile marketing and arrived here, so we just have to recognize that a very important point will have a good mobile marketer or simply gain access to an adequate tool or system that implements our business and provide access to current and potential future customers.

We agree that-good-business opportunity could be lost for the sake of having failed to be on time at the place and right time. With mobile marketing we can get more business opportunities, increasing our profits, because it is a mass distribution that would impact a greater number of people and relatively low cost, and that would optimize our service offering quality and efficiency in less time.

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