4 Reasons Why Users Hate Your Fan Page in Facebook

December 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

4 Reasons Why Users Hate Your Fan Page in Facebook

4 Reasons Why Users Hate Your Fan Page in Facebook

Facebook has become a very huge platform very important to boost marketing strategies in the world of social media, which already are many big brands that have a presence through fan pages on this channel.

Optimizing a fan page can be the difference between connecting with the target audience effectively and go unnoticed among the many profiles of brands already has a place in this social network.

So there are many brands that have managed to find the right path profiles resourceful and creative designing to get closer to your target audience, however, not all have run with the same fate.

1.-Profile picture that says nothing

Visual elements are becoming increasingly important in different social networks to attract and retain the attention of users on Facebook and this situation is no different.

A study by Shop Eye Track determined that a fan page visitors spend more time and attention to “analyze and observe” the cover image of the same as any other element within that space.

For this reason it is important that the cover photo and profile talk about what the brand is, what it does and what it offers, through an appealing, original and creative.

2.-No complete section “Information”
Like the cover photo this section is essential to make the brand more closely with the audience.

Although it seems something basic and simple, it is common to find fan pages in this section have only the slogan of his campaign or just leave the space blank.

It is important to provide valuable information that allows the audience to identify with the brand-specific data as something of its history, its foundation or what you hope to offer, for example, to locate the visitor-brand relationship on a higher level than just like.

3.-Constant Self Promotion

When a user first visits a fan page is the ideal opportunity to maintain the commitment and loyalty of the same with the brand, which is achieved through quality content that are useful, relevant, educational and interesting for hearing.

Thus, consistently publish content solely for the purpose of promoting the brand, its products or services will only make users lose interest in the profile.

It’s about finding the right mix between promotion and content that really encourage the participation of users, where the latter shall prevail in the background leaving messages that are one hundred percent focused on the brand.

4.-No post regularly and schedule all updates

Users are looking to interact with their favorite brands and interest, which are waiting to find information that allows them to maintain contact.

So brands need to worry about keeping your profile with information that is relevant to audience, where the program files should only be seen as a support and not as the only way to feed the content of the page.

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