5 Good Reasons to Be On Foursquare

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5 Good Reasons to Be On Foursquare

5 Good Reasons to Be On Foursquare

Foursquare is a location-based social network which is must-have for all Smartphone owners. To convince you. Here is listed some good reasons to enroll

Foursquare is a social network (like Facebook or Twitter ) that allows you to tell your friends places (bars, restaurants, shops, public places, etc.) that you go through ”  check-in “. The playfulness comes from the fact that, as you check-in, you engages points (compare to his friends) and badges (earned after completing some “challenges”). In addition, can also become more frequent Mayor (Mayor) of a place is simply the person who published the most  check-ins at this recently.

Now that you have grasped the principle, read these few lines, which I hope will encourage you to register on Foursquare!

Advice for everything and everywhere

You will for the first time in a restaurant? Check out the advice of users who have preceded you: they will tell you things to avoid like things not to be missed. But this is not all, Foursquare tips , it can also be the bus station for a suggested route, the schedule of opening the service quality of a store, parking tips in a neighborhood, etc. .

Receive discounts, or even more!

It is very fashionable in the United States and it starts to become more and more at home: when you become mayor ( Mayor )  of a place, you can receive discounts or even gifts. For example, a bar near me a cup of coffee / day the mayor of the institution. Or a restaurant is all flat at € 5 for the mayor. And the advantage is that, for the moment, there are still very few members of Foursquare in Europe! Enjoy it!

Have fun with your friends … or not!

Publishing check-in, you earn points. With these points, Foursquare publishes a ranking of 7 days for all your contacts. Believe me, it was quickly hooked and pulled out his Smartphone as soon as they can to grab some points and pass his buddy!

And if, unfortunately, you have not (yet!) friends on Foursquare, you can always try to achieve the various challenges of the social network to earn badges. There are hundreds, and for everyone!

Discover new places

Thanks to the “Explorer” and according to your preferences, Foursquare offers places of interest to you that are in your area! This is an opportunity to try new restaurants closed eyes based on the advice of other members of the network.

Increase awareness of your business

Finally, if you own a shop or a restaurant, add your company on Foursquare is the chance to improve your visibility. By implementing a benefit for the mayor (and clearly displaying your home), you will increase the interest of the members of the network. And there will be more interaction and feedback about your business; the more you will be displayed in the top results in searches. And hop, that all advertising is FREE to you that will bring new customers!

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