Choose WordPress for Your CMS Website and Blog

December 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Choose WordPress For Your CMS website

Choose WordPress For Your CMS website

To create your first website or blog there is obviously much techniques and ways to achieve different difficulties. As a before develop its website “hard” will not be an easy task, which is long, daunting and ultimately quite boring is to advance especially if you are alone. To avoid this and begin to bring it quickly (well except if you really want to learn how to develop a website hard, then this is not a problem) the best way to discover this new world is the installation of a CMS.

But what is a CMS? “Content Management System “which corresponds in French to a system of content management is the ideal tool for a large number of sites could be called “classic”. This is for example the case of the one you are currently viewing that runs with WordPress CMS. Yes, because there are several types of CMS not have the same features and benefits. With WordPress, there is also facing CMS like Drupal, Joomla, SPIP and yet obviously many other less known.

WordPress, the choice of many!

Now, we must make a choice before embarking because switch platform is not always practical and in any case, I sincerely believe it is better to avoid. The content of websites, animate communities or referencing your passion that you will understand that it is better to stay on the platform initially selected. Otherwise you may need to redo a bit of PHP, HTML, or SQL, which may not be your cup of tea, even if the content of some CMS export very well, like WordPress in the “Tools”.

The ideal CMS was not necessarily an easy thing, no one was actually imposed and development that it could fall to such abandonment which would have been a big problem. Today, it is arguably WordPress which is required in the vast jungle of CMS for many reasons.

It is possible to directly start posting content to your new freshly website. You succeed without great difficulty and it will be possible to find help quickly thanks to the large community of WordPress. Another advantage is that it will be possible to find a theme WordPress so that your dress blog to your liking. It will be the talk of this because you should be wary of free themes on the Internet (in fact some are hiding malicious code) but do not panic, sites seriously there is no problem and they are very nice. In any case, you want style sheet design, design thinking in detail, you simply download the theme of your choice. In addition it will then obviously possible to edit, to our delight! (Therefore transform according to your preferences more subtle)

Your website under the WordPress platform can grow very quickly after a quick installation but you have to know about some details which would save lot of time. It is also the strength of WordPress because are the “extensions” that allow these things to “automatically” or-almost-lot property practices. Extensions will realize everything would still be required to hand in our hard, but really and very different things! Breadcrumb, placement of buttons for sharing on social networks, do follow comments, to improve the display of comments, the total creation of a Forum with WordPress, improving your SEO with SEO extensions and so much more!

This is the great strength of the CMS it is possible to do everything you want or almost quite easily and learn quickly. In addition, while some plugins are used extensively around the world, updates are very frequent with still a lot of news, besides WordPress also benefits often updates concerning safety! Simply install (click on a button in WordPress) and then make the appropriate settings for some extensions (optimal configurations are always available on the internet) and voila! WordPress is the CMS that I have chosen for these reasons, if you chose a different content management platform, I would be happy to discuss your suggestions in the comments for others also have their advantages negligible.

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