Email Marketing – 5 Actions to Achieve Efficient Conversion

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Email Marketing - 5 Actions to Achieve Efficient Conversion

Email Marketing – 5 Actions to Achieve Efficient Conversion

Email marketing is it still valid. And we thought the stardust of Social Media had overshadowed any marketing action – that had less socially-efficient outcome.  We started with this exaggerated reflection, through the absurd, invites us to reflect on the importance of drawing from each of the disciplines of marketing the most efficient actions for our purposes.

We live in the cycle of the marketing mix, the images and content, live exposed through a quintuple dichotomy that makes up our unique fingerprint from five profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest, thus forming new cycle humanized composed of individual talents fueling social action communities Factbook, constant information to Twitter, team meetings on Google + and brand images on Pinterest.

Email marketing, an ally in building brand

Social networks are great allies of SMEs but so is email marketing, it is not only communication channel remains synonymous with bonds of nature “more intimate” with our most loyal customers, it is also, if we implement 5 simple actions can make email marketing strategy a great ally of the conversion of our customers.

Let’s see how to do; what actions can more efficient to take advantage afforded us by the email marketing?

1. Subject, “the impact of the message” applying the same logic efficient messaging in social media. The subject of our email marketing strategy should contain the keywords that define the brand message and also should be able to directly impact the needs of the recipient.

2. Post, short and direct. As always, as in all when we consider writing a Tweet from impact, when we promote content Facebook in our community or among our circles of Google + … direct messages, simple and focused and always without going into much. Harnessing the techniques of optimization strategies contained in our email marketing, it is very efficient.

3. Optimizes, simplifies the actions that should make your customers to read your message. Remember that the simpler result of receiving the information, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

4. Your image = memory. The logo your image, your brand  think for a moment why social networks based on the images as a link between brands and customers, as Pinterest, have such a level of acceptance? The image causes an instant recall, is why in email marketing strategies is restarted using the logo on the top and on the left side of our email.

5. Think of the customer. Imagine a scene increasingly real Monday; a user queries the charming restaurants that are in a particular street where you live. On Friday, while passing through the street with a friend from work, the strategy Restaurant geolocalizaicón activates and warns that there two streets, which is sought on Monday . Imagine how satisfied we can achieve overall customer know?

When we focus on email marketing strategy in that we need only deliver what they expect. Beyond conversion ratios email marketing strategy will bring us, the key to its effectiveness is the quality of the information they contain. And finally, an additional tip do not forget that email marketing is an action within your global branding. Keep the consistency and quality of your posts!

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