Why Has A LinkedIn Account In 2013?

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Why Has A LinkedIn Account In 2013

Why Has A LinkedIn Account In 2013

LinkedIn announced in January that it had reached a milestone: 200 million members. Ok this is far from the 900 million subscribers which can boast Facebook . This makes it still the first professional social network in the world. According to the company, 74 million users are based in the United States, 11 million are in the United Kingdom, France, has just over 4 million members, but the evolution is constant.

LinkedIn is the gateway to dozens; hundreds no better yet millions of business contacts possible. This network is not only for the unemployed. In LinkedIn there are 200 million users are using they are not looking for job only.

Are you ready? Let us together to explore this social network. I’m sure you already know the principle of Facebook and Twitter. Linkedin is different. We will not share photos of our weekend at the seaside, spending hours talking with friends. LinkedIn we will make professional contacts. It talks about business and we do business.

The strength of your network to support your business

Have contacts in the professional sector is always useful. Create a network is important. Do not look for contacts only when it is needed during a job search example. Enjoy every opportunity to become acquainted with professionals in your field because one day it may serve you or you may be able to help your own contacts. Life is made ​​up of exchanges do not forget. Not to mention that among all these many contacts can become customers, suppliers and partners.

When the employer becomes a client

Sometimes it is difficult to keep in touch with people with whom you have worked in the past yet it may be helpful if you need a recommendation. LinkedIn allows you to search contacts by employer. Did you know that the former employer is often very interesting source of contracts for freelance which launches a his account? Provided of course be left on good terms.

LinkedIn thematic source intelligence

Regularly check the flow of information on LinkedIn allows you to keep you informed of news in your area through different posts from your contacts. This social network becomes a part of your day theme. You never miss the latest information that will help you and sharing your turn AA on your social networks you can position yourself as a professional on the lookout for the news.

Be recognized as an authority in your industry

One way to be considered a thought leader in your industry is to increase your visibility. One way to do this is to actively participate in groups related to your career field. Whenever you post in groups or answer questions it is listed on your profile. This will prove your active involvement in this online community.

A tip: to gain more visibility in groups, choose to leave comments on existing posts. Few members do it and it will allow you to highlight lot more than posting an additional message. Start the discussion with group members and you will be noticed.

Your Profile as Business Card

If you were employed I’ll talk to your profile as a CV you can update daily. But beware as an entrepreneur, freelancer, and manager. Your LinkedIn profile should not be presented as a single CV. You’re not looking for a job . You want to get to know as a professional, put forward your business, then introduce yourself as such.

On LinkedIn you can introduce your company, your services, what you can do for your visitor. Regularly update your profile and give your contacts the latest information about your company.

Recruiters are looking for passive candidates

Many recruiters are present on LinkedIn looking for candidates. They enjoy access to a resume database in all sectors to find the ideal candidate that corresponds to the needs of the company. This can allow you to win new contracts and new partnerships. Sometimes offer its services to a freelance business looking for an employee can be very lucrative. Make them understand why appoint an independent can benefit them financially and also in terms of the quality of work delivered. More one day you may be trying to recruit for your business then why not look at profiles on Linkedin.

I hope this article will convince you to go register on this social network. Everyone knows it’s more fun to spend time on Facebook but think to spend a few minutes per week of your precious time to take a walk on Linkedin especially if your customers are businesses. It is important to maintain a professional network especially in the current environment. Who knows maybe one day you’ll be glad you made the approach for your interest in Linkedin.

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The Key to Panda Does Not Affect Your E-Commerce

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The Key to Panda Does Not Affect Your E-Commerce

The Key to Panda Does Not Affect Your E-Commerce

In February 2011 Google launched Panda, a new update to its algorithm that aims to “punish” link farms, excessive ads, unoriginal content, duplicate content or article directories that have a large number of authors and that write mostly oriented to SEO.

Panda how does e-commerce?

Unfortunately the e-commerce websites have several things in common with article directories: an e-commerce website tends to have a lot of pages (one per product) and we add different colors, sizes and other product variants gives us as a result a lot of pages for the same product, creating a huge problem of duplicate content.

If we also consider that the product pages focus on the images and have hundreds of links to featured products related products and all variants of the same product, the chances that Google confuse our site and an article directory is very large.

And how do we avoid this?

Clearly, if you want to appear on Google, you have to follow their rules.

Add unique content

On many occasions web masters themselves copied and pasted the web content description that gives the dealer EVIL! Assuming the other sites that sell the same products to do the same we have a huge problem of duplicate content. Although it seems a long and tedious task we have to create our own descriptions, it can be at least 150 characters. Another way to create original content that facilitate the user to comment.

Remove duplication

This is a huge problem with Panda. Say you have 100 products, if for each of these products have a filter to sort by price, size, color and gender in the end we have more than 500 pages of which 80% are duplicated.

The solution to any problem is to add a label parameters rel = canonical to the original page, with this you can simply avoid any confusion on the part of Google to the original page.

Another possible solution is to tell Google via Google Webmaster Tools > Settings> URL parameters which parameters to ignore when indexing your web pages.

What pandas do not seem so cute?

The idea that when Google had launched it this update was not exactly making things easier for those who are dedicated to this. In short, if you have an e-commerce website do two things: you write descriptions and careful when adding filters to the products  and how well the ad reads “Never say no to Panda”

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How to Integrate Social Media in Email

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How to Integrate Social Media in Email

How to Integrate Social Media in Email

There is always something to live and die and will not change – at least for some time – the database. An essential tool for achieving create database is the email. Now, thanks to the Social Web, we can multiply their impact and achieve more for a little more. Do not miss the opportunity to integrate social media in your email.

How to Integrate Social Media in email

Go Social

Include social media buttons on the newsletter. If you send newsletters that include different items be sure to include links that allow subscribers direct access to related articles. For each article / post, should also include social sharing buttons including social platforms buttons related to product / company, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.. This will allow readers or subscribers publish content on their social platforms.

Call to Action Rocks

It encourages people to share. Sometimes people overlook the buttons to share and even to read the contents of the newsletter. Whether you’re a blogger like you’re a marketer, you may need to remind your subscribers that these options exist. There are many ways to encourage readers to share and read. One call to common action is to invite readers to forward the email. But this must be some motivation behind it? Offer? Contest?? Reward?? Another use more descriptive language or humor to draw the reader’s attention and that this reaction and go into action. You may need to use another email to part of it just to push people to share content or keep your brand in the different Social Web site. Another option is to provide some form of incentive for the community to share your content, makes a temporary campaign where present your new products to try and give free – plus you will provide feedback.

1 subscriber – 1 Lead

Encourage your followers to subscribe to your newsletter: Connecta your fans followers or blog readers with your newsletter. You can design a subscription form on Facebook a section or plugin on your blog or a separate landing page to see if they come from Twitter or LinkedIn you can even promote your newsletter or blog timeline. Another way would be to include a link to the subscription form.

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4 Tips for Better Social Presence

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4 Tips for Better Social Presence

4 Tips for Better Social Presence

Social sites have become a very valuable tool for almost help us in all areas of our life. Unfortunately, the methods we use are getting old, and users are developing a “blindness” which makes it hard to stand out from the crowd.

There are several ways to accomplish be viewed positively without spending a lot of money on marketing campaigns. The following are explained:

1 – Find a community, join it

There are many groups in social networks identifies a group or community related to your niche and become a member. Then active, communicate to each member and it could help expose your brand to a new audience which will welcome you with open arms. Do not settle for a single group seeks at least 4 groups.

2 – Is a person, not a product?

There are probably hundreds of thousands of companies and enterprises promoting their products on social networks. This can sometimes be overwhelming for users.

Companies are promoting their products updates, announcements, promotions etc… but a person who express his opinions on a product from that point of view is different. Finally, users of social sites, what they want are to relate and interact with other people and make business.

3 – Variety is never ignored

Regular updates are good but when the message becomes repetitive, provoke people from a “blindness” which allows them to appreciate the messages.

By varying the tone and content of the message give people a greater perspective of the product or brand you promote. For example, if you want to post on your Facebook page just link your blog posts that can vary, posting photos, videos or even creating events.

4 – Subversive Marketing

The guerrilla marketing can be done effectively from social platforms which has a great effect with the use of repetitive elements like logos or emblems. In many cases the logo becomes so familiar increasing product appreciation by users.

For example, if a group mentioned a new medication brand “Bayer “members quickly create some confidence in the product, based on the mark.

With these four ways you can make to improve your social presence and so leave the monotony in which most of us have fallen.

Post By Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a web development company which is in specialized iPhone application development.

Why Your Social Media Marketing Does Not Work?

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Why Your Social Media Marketing Does Not Work

Why Your Social Media Marketing Does Not Work

For many brands that start their way into social media, these platforms represent a window where just create a profile on social networking, launch a website or start a blog to drive sales .

Basing your marketing strategies these misconceptions, in many cases, can lead to brands to think that marketing does not work on these platforms.

However, the fault is not in the channel but in the manner in which they are used and the ends to be achieved through actions implemented in these space.

In this way, the website Publishing Authority lists five reasons why social media marketing is not working:

1.-No focus

While social media offers the chance to talk about anything at any time, this does not mean that brands can take this freedom within their marketing strategies.

You have to find a starting point based on the needs of the brand, which will become the cornerstone on which all information will walk the brand.

This is with the intention of designing an integrated strategy that will not mislead the audience and to provide it assimilate the final message the brand wants to give out.

2.-No commitment

The social media engagement is gained by active participation by which to venture into this media brands need to be close to their customers starting to show the commitment that these have with your audience actively involved in their conversations, comments or questions for later ask the consumer engagement.

3.-inadequate and worthless Content

At this point it is important to clarify that this is not post content at all times but to create an editorial calendar to keep dynamic and organized in different social activities.

It is also important to keep in mind always the needs of the target audience with the intention of generating and sharing information that will not only entertain but to be useful and in turn, educational.

4.-The brand is not a resource for consumers

You need to understand that one of the aspects to be successful in social media is that the brand becomes not just a “friend” of users but in a real application that offers real solutions for them.

It is not just to sell; this will probably be the third step after getting themselves known and consumer engagement through these means.

5.-Wait until the consumer reaches the mark alone

It is true that one of the big differences of social media marketing with traditional marketing is that the former gives consumers the freedom to consume information and approach the mark at the time that these so decide.

However, sitting around waiting for users to find the brand is not an option. You need to know where is the target audience, let them know what brand offers and attract them with useful and relevant content.

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30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Articles

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This is a question that any blogger has already asked at least once: how to promote Blog Posts? I give you below an excellent graphics that offers a list of 30 techniques to promote its notes.

There are of course, conventional techniques of publication on networks or social promotion by email or rss, but there are also some more original tracks that could possibly be exploited e.g. To add the last item in email signature or automatically publish his articles on the Kindle reading platform.

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Articles

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Articles

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Google – How to Position Your Website

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Google - How to Position Your Website

Google – How to Position Your Website

This article explains the different keys to use to position of our website on Google. You know what search engine and where we all meet for a prayer on the first page. Well in this article you will see that certain actions facilitate the realization of this wish.

Passionate about SEO in recent years, today I wish to share with you my knowledge in the field of SEO. I’ll answer in a simple way, the question posed by one of my clients: How to position them on Google?

Through a list of key points in my eyes, I’ll give you the main key factors to work for a good ranking on GOOGLE!

Key 1: a rich and interesting

We do will repeat this enough for a site to be interesting both for users and for search engines; it must have some interesting information, captivating, original and above all UNIQUE.

Do not copy content from others! This will hurt your e-reputation, your reputation and you’re SEO! Google is more strict compared to duplicate content, especially since the introduction of the new algorithm PANDA.

The content means, it is well visible text on the pages of your website but also the content in the page code (in metatags: title, description, body tag, ALT tag of images etc…).

Key 2: link building

Another key factor in SEO is the amount of quality links.

Included in this link building strategy all the links: links in and around the site. We can categorize these links into three categories:

  • Internal links – the easiest to obtain as it is to create deep links to your site
  • External links – links on your site pointing to other websites
  • Inbound links – facts from other websites to your website. Inbound links are more difficult to obtain because it requires that others will want to promote your content

Know a good mix between these three types of mixing dofollow links and nofollow, will be a good strategy net linking.

Key No. 3: hearing and e-reputation

The third key factor for me is the popularity of a website. No need to remember a site that is known and recognized in their field of activity will be hearing more and dating.

More popular the site is, the more it will increase its traffic and reputation of the company.

How to become popular? There are many ways! For my part, I spend a lot of time on social networks! Today, it is very important to be where your customers are present, notably networks  on Facebook , Twitter, Viadeo among others can explain the benefits of integrating these social networks.

What is certain is that the “tweets”, the “Google+”, Facebook “Like” contribute to your popularity and your SEO. In addition it will help to “Minty Fresh Indexing” indexing almost instantaneous information present on the Web as a concrete example below.

In addition, your accounts on social networks are taken into account by Google. Here’s an example:

I type “Opti Matrix Solution images” web agency for which I am in charge of SEO.

In the natural results, the official Twitter account of Associated Images released in second position, followed in third place by Facebook. Well yes, social networks like Google, combines and integrates social networks in the natural results.


To get a good ranking, many techniques exist. Please be aware that even if you work content, links and popularity of your website on the web you have made a big step towards success.

Remember sites with the most relevant content, updated regularly, and having a lot of links are better referenced. SEO is a history of good sense and balance.

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