How to Generate Web Traffic without Google: 6 Actions That Work

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How to Generate Web Traffic without Google

How to Generate Web Traffic without Google

The importance of good search engine optimization to attract visitors is indisputable but what is your position on Google the only way to attract visitors to your site.

Without wishing to dismiss at all the Google traffic gives us we want to show that the search engine is not the only gateway to your website and even if your site has been penalized by Google’s changes not a receive traffic.

Let’s see how to generate web traffic without Google: 6 actions that work and allow you to improve SEO.

1. Create a blog

Create a blog in your industry is one of the best tools to help generate engagement with your audiences. Besides show as a dynamic and always up to date, the creation of valuable content on your blog will be appreciated by your readers and help you attract more visitors to your website indirectly.

Yes it is important to take seriously the blog. In terms of quality and frequency of publication and a blog to stay weeks without updating or outdated content or poor will not help you achieve your goals.

2. Social Media Strategy

Building a community in the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc.), as well as help in customer retention, help to attract qualified traffic to your website.

To do this create and share relevant content that we decide on our social media plan that we will post on our social networks link each new publication we generate, events, offers and news of interest.

3: Social Bookmarks (Social Bookmarking)

just as capable of attracting more visitors to our website . Both social bookmarking (Delicious, Stumble Upon,  Dig, etc.) As news aggregators (Meneame, Digg,,, Squidoo, etc) are a fast and free to make known our site to a number of people.

Yes, some of them take time and some skill to achieve the best results.

4: Email marketing

The email marketing will allow us to close, regular contact with our subscribers, keeping them informed of our news through our newsletters and occasionally reminding all that our company can do for them.

Finding the balance between forgetting and a too frequent shipments that are troublesome, is the key to our communications are perceived as appropriate and generate qualified traffic to our website .

5: Collaborations on other blogs

In addition to commenting on other blogs and forums, if we interviewed or write articles on other sites related to our industry. It is likely that readers visit the link to our website to see it.

Also get displayed on other blogs or online publications will give us more credibility and help to position ourselves as a leading company in our area.

6: Video marketing on YouTube

While other portals of video marketing interesting, as Vimeo, YouTube is the clear leader emerging as the second search engine after Google. Make video marketing is not as complicated as it sounds; it’s more of the background of the form. As a part of the path that will help generate web traffic without Google .

Users consume audiovisual content so if we give with what kind of material related to our business we can record that is relevant, we will disclose between a huge potential audience, attract traffic to our website and also if we take care of certain aspects key, that content will be positioned well in search engines.

Given these 6 ways to generate web traffic of Google does not become as essential although it is best to work both flanks and rely on them to help improve our SEO.

Post ByWritten by Opti Matrix Solution is a web development company that offers cutting edge web Design services. This website development company offers a wide range of iPhone application development and SEO Services.

How to Generate Web Traffic without Google



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