13 Internet Marketing Actions That Should Dare To Try In 2013

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13 internet Marketing Actions That Should Dare To Try In 2013

13 internet Marketing Actions That Should Dare To Try In 2013

There are some of the marketing activities that only the brave take place over the next twelve months. If you want to make a difference please carry them out. Shoot down the fears and dare them:

1. Do not focus too much on Facebook. Given the problems encountered in the social network for brands especially when changing its Edge Rank algorithm drastically reduced the scope of corporate messages look for other alternatives.

2. Lose the cloud and use Google+. The company aims to improve its performance. Companies who dare with this social network may make press conferences with the application Hangouts Google+, which allows you to perform video conferences with up to 9 people simultaneously.

3. Create your own community. Some brands have found interesting to cultivate their own networks and communities rather than create accounts within other companies. Stephanie Anderson, vice president of marketing for Time Warner Cable Business Class afimra that “decisions to take into account communities and external resources especially in the world of communications and technology.”

4. Direct communication with the customer. Traders should stop watching intrepid social networks just as a place to send messages and start thinking about the social primarily as an opportunity for the customer service. Talking to customers and get performance feedback should be a priority in a good marketing campaign.

5. be truly mobile. Mobile technology should be the focus of efforts to attract customers. The content of markings from emails to videos, images or any other product it must be intended for use in mobile devices.

6. Do not make your customers spend time. Those brands that are bombarded with advertising messages usually spam, your customers will be treated worse than those that generate interesting content for them, and they will be seen as ‘friends’. “Brands should create content and relevant real-time” .

7. Let the photos be your best ally. Though many people seem to have no time to devote to reading, thy interested to see a picture. Upload a photo to Twitter or Facebook will facilitate greater participation. Remember therefore, social networks based on pictures like Pinterest or Instagram.

8. Count data from social networks. Most businesses are obsessed with social networks load their content without paying attention to the data that can be obtained from visitors to their social profiles. The audience research firm and data analysis.

9. Spend the time with customers. Conducted Even though all the above recommendations, you’ll get better results if you publish contents night. Has to take into account the rhythms of life for their fans and create more content on a schedule that will presumably be consumed.

10. Combine the traditional with social networks. Should utilize the resources offered by the digital world but combined with the natural synergies of traditional marketing. The combination of different advertising platforms provides better results than a campaign launched by a single channel. For example, marketing events can be exploited later as content on social networks.

11. Useful advertising. Tested intrepid merchants advertising on smart phones. The ability to accurately persuade these devices makes them a very effective tool for marketing efforts. The key is to find the form that such advertising does not cause a nuisance or intrusive, which must be achieved taking into account the data we have on the customer and their preferences, so that it reaches the right content at the right time.

12. Play with fire. Your opportunity lies in being competitive so bet on new ideas in 2013. On this happy time for technology developers, who dares wins.

13. be socially intelligent. Have your own social network business rather than specialize in other social networks. This is perhaps the most audacious, but it allows you better talent, better partners and better customers.

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