Tumblr vs. Facebook: An Unnecessary Battle

January 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

facebook vs tumblr

facebook vs tumblr

What came first, the blog or Facebook? The influence that the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 on our lives and spread the belief that Facebook will only the network on lifetime. However, the truth is that those who have been on the internet itself almost from the beginning have been blogging. These personal spaces began to become popular in the 90s and find their direct in the user forums in which in blogs the dynamics is to share opinions.

His triumph in the network was not only massive but steady although it seems that Facebook has overtaken in some fields. An example of this is in social media marketing. It’s easy to find any brand on Facebook all companies devote their effort and money to create a functional and attractive profile however, not so many blogs in an opportunity to get closer to their consumers.

Perhaps this gap between the two is based on faulty thinking. The first thing that must be clear in the mind is that Facebook, Twitter and microblogging spaces as Tumbrl not incompatible. Instead, they are more complementary than it seems because being different platforms covering the needs are different with each other. Very known the qualities of social networks like Facebook or Twitter which are based on the immediacy and ease of sharing but what makes it so special to Tumblr to WordPress in 2011 will displace or so this year has crept between 50 most popular sites according to ComScore?

The high-level news portal summarizes achievements to be very effective to express all kinds of opinions and ideas and more importantly getting these ideas are more durable than the immediate content of Facebook which disappear two seconds of being published. Therefore, areas such as those generated by Tumblr require greater maturation but in return can contribute to more consistent brand notoriety.

Make brand: find a style is important, as it will inevitably be associated with the brand and attract users.

Interact with the public is essential to strengthen the relationship with consumers.

To position the brand is necessary to record, not be bombarded with tickets but update the content with some frequency

should be used to raise awareness of all the shares that the company holds in its range of media: Official Sites are Facebook, Twitter

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