4 Steps to Optimize Your Presence on Twitter: Social Networking

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Presence on Twitter

Presence on Twitter

Companies are increasingly aware that the ways to communicate and reach potential customers, which are becoming more demanding and have more say, have changed with the advent of social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

That is why companies must properly manage their social media presence. Through social networking companies can make marketing activities, sales, public relations and customer service and among others. But most important is that you can listen to what our customers want and how they want it and this is a very important weapon that we know how to manage.

Of all the social networks we highlight twitter by faster than we can deliver content. With 140 characters can convey our message with an immediacy that is matched only by the SMS.

But not only is the message, which is a lot. Also we must take care of the image we give of our company and for this Twitter makes available a number of elements that well optimized will help us optimize our branding and happened to mention:

Fund Twitter:
It is the first component that we optimize and is very important to show our personality.

Many people think that it is important to change the background or simply put one of the templates that come into Twitter. But do you a question: Do you want to show the image of being just another company?

It’s a perfect opportunity to show others something about you or your brand personality. With a custom background your company will be unique and you difference of the rest.


The personal profiles must be clear showing all of your face so everyone can be easily recognizable in the field of Twitter. If you have a business it is best to use an image that represents your company or brand (logo)


The biography is the next item that we optimize our Twitter profile. With a phrase we describe our company, including a link to our website or blog, where visitors can learn more about who we are and what we do.

Our Tweets

We optimize our tweets. Share valuable content is essential. Verbs are the part of our discourse that generates most of the shares on Twitter.

Do not just tweet during the week but also we have to do on the weekends because Saturdays and Sundays are conducive to engaging people through tweets.

We must ensure that our updates also include links to landing pages. This way we can generate leads on Twitter and social media in our efforts will have a direct impact on generating leads.

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