Advantage of PSD to Drupal

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Advantage of PSD to Drupal

Advantage of PSD to Drupal

Hi is your website looks like ten others; you won’t build a brand out of it. Thus to stay ahead of your competitors, your website should be able to immediately catch the eyes of the visitors. This is exactly what PSD to HTML/Drupal theme offers, as you can design a website from scratch which will be made web compatible using HTML/CSS and be integrated into the Drupal CMS. You can customize the website as per your needs in terms of color schemes, structure, graphics used etc.

Online Visibility a PSD to CSS/Drupal website will be hand coded using semantic coding techniques. Each and every element in the website is well defined in semantic coding thus boosting the performance of the website on the search engines. The codes undergo W3C validation which stamps the quality of coding. Hand coding also keeps the code base low helping your website render fast on the web browser.

Browser Compatibility Your website needs to be compatible with all the major browses namely Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. This is possible when you opt for custom developments of website where the Cascading Style Sheet is well defined and helps different web browsers render the website uniformly. If you miss out on this you are missing out on a substantial market share and losing out on the brand value.

Security and Stability In this highly competitive business environment your website needs to be secure and stable. It should be structurally strong to shield itself against unauthorized access and falling prey to viruses and Trojan horses. When you opt for PSD to Drupal conversion the manual coding ensures that your website is full proof. This isn’t possible when you use a downloaded theme as such themes are poorly coded on most occasions.

These advantages make theme of PSD files into Drupal a highly attractive proposition. Considering the importance of a website in today’s business you can’t afford to compromise with the quality of the website. Thus hiring the services of a company which has expertise in PSD to XHTML/Drupal theme development is a must. Be choosy and take a look at their portfolio as this gives you an insight into their quality. Make sure they offer you quality support services to deal with regular website maintenance and unfortunate situations such as website crashes.
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