Good and Bad SEO Practices For E-Commerce

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Good and Bad SEO Practices For E-Commerce

Good and Bad SEO Practices For E-Commerce

This article presents a explain of good and bad practices to optimize an eCommerce SEO level. Some of these tips are basic rules to optimize a website but many others may find you had not stopped to think and sometimes are common mistakes that are often committed.

SEO Best Practices for e-commerce

SEO On Page

Optimize each pages focused on the user searches adding the product name in the title and description and make friendly URLs. The images are often the forgotten so remember to put the alt and title tags with keywords.

Make the web categorization according to search or user behavior. Popular Searches more accessible.

Google Places

For those who also have physical store this is a very important option. One out of five searches on Google is related to location.


Besides the familiar sitemap content eCommerce is especially interesting to picture a sitemap so that Google can better access this content and users will find it in the image search.

Create audiovisual content

It can help you position on Google and gives quality content to users. Nor should we forget that YouTube is another powerful search engine that can help you find customers.

Create a blog

It is an essential tool to create fresh content and links. A good blog optimization can bring great rewards to ecommerce.

Internal searches

The search engine will give you your own platform tracks what users are looking for and cannot find or what they want and not have. It is a good tool creating business opportunities. If you do not find a product, put it more accessible, if you do not, put it on sale.

Use Social Media

If you allow users to do “like” or tweet about your products will generate conversation around them and increase your potential audience. In addition, Google and other search engines will be able to see that your product is popular in social networks.

Rich formats

Formats can be used for improving rich snippets and make them more visual. There are different kinds of rich snippets available in Search engines.

Bad SEO practices for e-commerce

Product Descriptions

Often, when you open an online store, products are massively uploaded through the database vendor, almost certainly not have written for web data.

Overall descriptions often enough or poor or nonexistent. Think that description within the data sheet is virtually all content will be to other photo. That’s why we now polish it right. If the product do not give more, you can expand including features like size, weight, color, brand, etc… A good example of a data sheet with relevant content would be Amazon.

Create unique content

Another common error is the duplication of content due to similar products. Some ecommerce error committed in creating different pages for the same product in a different color or different size. This practice not only generates duplicate pages in content but also in terms of titles and Meta tags.

It is better to make a single product page within this include the various customization options and create a title and appropriate goals.

Various landing pages could be made for the same products with different color or features (users also seek “white iphone 4”) but in this case it should be done very carefully to duplicate content.

To avoid duplicate content issues can also use the canonical tag and labels rel = “next” rel = “prev” for paging.


We tend to worry about the opinions of users outside our ecommerce portals but we often forget that we can include in our own web reviews.

Include the option to allow users to comment on products will help you to create content for free (probably with keywords) and also helps others to decide.

Cross Selling and internal Link building

Cross-selling can not only be used to improve the conversion but also to improve internal linking link building products that can be complementary.

Read More

Avoid creating generic anchor text links like “read more” or “more information”. Instead, change them to “More on the Ipad Mini”.

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