How to Increase Revenue through Blogging?

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How to Increase Revenue through Blogging?

How to Increase Revenue through Blogging?

We all know we are in crisis in a decade! We all need money, we are all in financial difficulty and we are forced to change to adapt to this situation!

Through this article I share with you useful tips to increase the turnover of your baby through the blog!

Why use Blog to increase its turnover?

The goal is to be present where your potential customers are and to have an exchange 2.0 with them! For those who do not know what 2.0 means, in short is to have an exchange with the caller instead of a monologue. The website allows you to submit, it is really a monologue because your visitor has no right to read and not to share with you. Against by the blog will allow you to actually meet your prospects, have conversations.

Advantages of Blog

Let’s be where are your prospects

How a blog can allow me to be present where my prospects are? Actually Google Panda and Penguin love to have fresh content and news! Writing articles regularly on news of the day, Google will love you and then you reference faster and better! => More visibility!

Allows an exchange with your prospects

As I said earlier, the blog allows an exchange and not a monologue. This will allow you to interact with your prospects, customers, and therefore better known and therefore the long term provides them with the services they really need! => More knowledge of your target!

Let’s make them known around the world by sharing on social networks!

Besides SEO, the blog allows sharing on social networks. Yes the small buttons: like, tweet, Google  etc … it used to it! Besides, do not hesitate to use them on this blog! When you click on the share buttons, the item will be accessible to your friends, your community, contacts of your contacts . This will allow greater visibility and by sharing you give your approval on the fact that this article is interesting for your contacts!

What to say about my blog?

We have seen all the benefits of the blog you probably have more than do not hesitate to leave a comment!  Ok, we have the advantages of blog but what of it? I’ve already given you some answers above, but we will go further!

Basically, you need money so you have to hit your target, that’s a goal! How to reach your target? Writing articles on topics of interest, logic is not it? To be found must also Google you reference well, that is the objective 2! Do not just write articles every day on his blog but also choose articles based on research conducted by Internet Tips to be well referenced.

  • A subject article, I would even say: items per page!
  • The title tag should include the keywords searched and must give your reader want to read your article. The first 68 characters are displayed on Google
  • The Meta description tag should also be of interest to the user because it appears as a description of your page on search engines. Google gives you 200 characters to describe your page.
  • Do not break your head with the keyword Meta tag; it is no longer taken into account by Google!
  • Title (h1) of your article should include keywords searched by users
  • The url to reach your article should include keywords Search.


At the time we all had a website. It is no longer enough. It is very important to his blog on his website as this will allow easier navigation for visitors more direct links between the two worlds (monologue and dialogue). With this you will get more visibility for more sharing of your blog and therefore your website and therefore also your services!

  • A good SEO strategy (I gave you some tips, but we must do more than that on highly competitive keywords).
  • a blog with fresh content, professional and consistent with what users seeking
  • A good community manager for a good share of your content on your social networks!


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