WordPress – 5 Tips For A Good Start

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WordPress - 5 Tips for a Good Start

WordPress – 5 Tips for a Good Start

Today, almost every large or small business needs a website and a blog to make them known or present their products or services and show that everyone knows their subject. Build a website or a blog is not an easy thing, especially if you have no knowledge in the field. This article offers you 5 tips on how to start your blog WordPress.

You’ve decided to take things in hand and build yourself your own WordPress blog. You will save on the budget to pay for a good web developer but be careful it does not shoed a snap. You’re one of those who want to learn how to do things? Here are five basic tips to help you get started.

1. We are preparing installation

This may seem simple and logical to some but a small bite reminder to never do harm. There are some parameters that you must confirm before starting the installation. You must ensure that you have access to a web server (internet connection which works), a text editor (Notepad on Windows is more than enough), a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, for example) and an FTP client (Filezilla). Information for all the tools listed is free and available for download by doing a simple search on Google

At this stage of your discovery of WordPress you put on pause to take a little time to discover what exactly the WordPress CMS (content management system). Take advantage of this pause to take stock of your idea and the result you want. Do not go for head down directly in WordPress without thinking to your project site (blog) you may go to the wall.

2 – It starts – The configuration

Are you ready? Once the installation is complete, you can start by adding your chart, establishing the name of your website and start publishing some of your content.

It is best to start by setting up two important pages on your blog: “About” and “Contact.” This is the best way to present your company and allow visitors to contact you.

You can add these pages by clicking on Administration, click Pages, and then click Add New. The default WordPress theme is pretty generic.

You can change your theme quickly and easily without detriment to your site this design change. WordPress is a content management system very intuitive, so with a few clicks, you can make almost any change to get the result you want.

3 – It is organized – Plug-Ins

You’ve probably heard of all plug-ins or add-ons that are available with WordPress. There are a large number of free plugins. Take time to think about what you want your website to be able to do. No need to download hundreds of plugins just because it is free, it will serve you anything just to get lost in a maze of plugins. In addition, if you install too many plugins that will slow down the loading time of your blog and Google will not like. Try to find LE (or) plugin (s) that will meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to test more to make your final choice.

4 – The Blog is optimized

Blogs are now very important for your business and for your website. The blogging (very fashionable word in recent days) is one of the most easy to improve your performance optimization on different search engines including our good friend Google.

WordPress will allow you to quickly install a blog as an extension of your website. Oula extension of your site, what does that mean? We will give you a very simple example to address your site http://www.optiinfo.com with WordPress to set up your blog “attached” to your website that will give http://www.optiinfo.com / blog. Visitors to your blog will already be on your site with this method and it will be easier for them to visit it. In addition, your SEO will be improved.

A WordPress blog allows you to submit your articles chronologically, by category, archive items older, allow interaction with your visitors because they can leave comments. WordPress even lets you moderate these comments, you validate whether their publications and it will even detect if it is spam.

5.  It is beautiful – Images

A site without image may be sad. We advise you to illustrate possible. There are several ways to add images to your site and your WordPress blog. You can add photos to show your team, a photo gallery or a picture of the products you sell directly when you write your article.

The images are also a great way to break the flow of text on a web page or a blog. When you build your site put yourself in the position of the visitor, do not bother with the descriptions that are kilometers, often a picture will speak only words. Of course there are also many plugins to make stunning photo galleries but we’re not going to stay in the brain clouding the basic steps to start WordPress.

And do not forget, a blog is not just the launch of it must make it known through a quality SEO, do live with regular updates.

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