Social Network – the 4 golden rules of the Social Code for Business

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Social Network - the 4 golden rules

Social Network – the 4 golden rules

Social networks are a genuine communication tool for small and large businesses. Yet there must follow a number of rules of conduct, knowledge be as important as skill. It is not enough to use Web 2.0 tools to the buzz on the web.

This article offers to find four golden rules of social code to follow on social networks.

Social platforms are of vital strategic importance to your business. These social networks allow you to interact directly with your community through the dissemination of new offers, products / services but also to animate the network by interacting directly with your target customers. While tools such as Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn are free but they are handled with great care: the social power comes great responsibility!

To prevent this potential from collapsing social or damages the image of the company we invite you to carefully follow our four tips to ensure a sustainable and profitable future of social networks.

1) Post your messages useful, but unique!

We cannot say it is enough but each social network has its own audience, its own codes and proper sense of the formulation. The most common mistake is to post automatically the same message on different accounts of the company.

From the point of user view, the reaction is final and logical: why you like or follow your page if you find the same information disseminated to the same accounts? No interest, especially you give the image of a company not very committed and very original. In addition, when the user is aware of this ploy, he will unconsciously associate a bad image for your brand.

So to attract the interest of your readers, you should focus on unique information and targeted for each of your social platforms. A slogan differentiates!

2) Target your audience!

Always in line with the non-compliance of the Social Code it is important to target your audience can not go wrong communication channel. Indeed, only Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, each with its own specific audience.

To communicate effectively and be sure to reach your target you must adapt your social footprint on these platforms.

For B2C oriented companies, the preferred lever popularity of Facebook to the detriment of the other two. In fact all brands primarily consumer-oriented turn to Facebook which offers a springboard to communicate and interact with their fans.

For B2B companies we suggest a better distribution of the three networks in mind always Facebook, closely followed by Twitter and LinkedIn professional network. The latter two have the advantage to generate highly qualified traffic and specific to your website. So this part identification of your audience is vital to be certain to reach your optimal heart of audience and reap the fruits of your labor in a profitable manner. Therefore not be overlooked!

3) Accept criticism as satisfaction and know that answer!

Whether positive or negative you must accept that your business page becomes potentially a public forum where your customers or prospective customers will meet their standers and dissect any of your actions.

Express them to praise your products / services, being on these social networks you agree to be judged and thus run the risk of being sanctioned. This is the rule of the game

In both cases, you must develop a strategy for managing these messages and it is certainly not to ignore and not respond. Leaving comments will only degrade the image of the company will not take responsibility or duty to answer for their actions. To cope, choose messages to human character and personalization that will lead to a constructive dialogue and perhaps even support your responses satisfied consumers. It will therefore much more to your customers than a traditional reference to a phone number or email to contact the company. More genuine relationships which if well managed can strengthen a brand or otherwise destroy a reputation in a few days.

4) Be creative, productive, but do not bother your community!

One of the key factors of your social success will obviously your own engagement on these platforms! In line with your e-strategy you opt for the presence or absence of the latter.

Indeed, it is important to consider position on a given network the condition of being able to spend time! Nothing is more damaging than increasing the presence of your business on these networks if no effort behind animation is implemented.

You must act to promote interaction with your audience. It is not spamming the coup the product information or offers (in this case, think about the newsletter) but to create an exchange between the brand and its consumers direct. Unfortunately, many companies still have not understood this attitude to adopt and pay the consequences on the image of their companies.

Do not just push information to your community. Make it interact, create a participatory network or everyone feels that their role, their voice, their vote can make a difference. Your relationship should be bilateral, friendly and committed.

Be active on the network and they will return!


If we should summarize the four golden rules of communication code on social networks, here are the 4 principles to remember:

  • Target your audiences
  • Differentiate posts by platform
  • Interact with your community
  • Make your presence participatory!

Respect your audience, interact, listen and respond: social networks you will be proud and services your customers will be delighted!

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