Twitter – 8 Tips To Become Popular!

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twitter tips

twitter tips

You follow many accounts on Twitter and they will get it the same and follow you in return. It is not enough to follow someone for a return. There are a number of points to make up for it. In this article discover 8 tips to create your Twitter community.

1.  It does not follow a ghost anonymous.

Want to be popular? Well first stop to hide! Nothing says more than a dormant account no picture. There are great sites to create an avatar or put the logo of your company.

Did you know that there is lot of software’s available to clean up your twitter accounts that you suggest, among other things delete all your contacts that have chosen to remain hidden?

2. Who Is This Important Stranger?

After validating that you have a beautiful picture, and it is represents you, the next information I am looking for when I visit a new profile is the bio. I need to know more about this important stranger before deciding to follow.

Use this space with 160 characters available in the bio section to describe yourself and tell us which topics you tweet. If anyone subscribe to your profile will they receive information news as they want??

3. Is account that scares!

You have decided to address a controversial topic. That is quite possible. But do not be surprised then if it can deter some follow you in return.

Everyone does not share your religious beliefs, political and controversial views that you have in your bio. By cons it will encourage those who share your vision and you will have a more focused community if you dare show your colors from your bio.

However, if your goal is to gain visibility for your business and be followed by the largest network possible, opt for a nice bio and quality content.

4. When too much security kills visibility.

Twitter allows you to “protect your tweets” which means that your Twitter stream is only available to those you have agreed to follow-up requests. I believe it goes against the very purpose of Twitter is to share information and open exchange of ideas with more than 200 million users.

Tip: If you have something private to say, send a direct message to one of your contacts.

5. Volume and Frequency

Attention to the volume and frequency of your tweets. I can understand that you are eager to share the info again and again on this subject that fascinates you. I assure you I was like you when I started. Until some come to me saying “we love you but then I’ll stop following you because I am overwhelmed by your messages and I see you.”

It is also my greatest challenge so I’ll not throw stones. If you tweet all day, this can scare many. They like you, they follow you, they will leave your news flow because you invade all day and they do not see their other contacts. Caution is better regularity in too frequently. Prefer quality to quantity.

6. Me … Myself … And I

Good for the thousandth time! To those who tweet as advertising for their business STOP it! If you use Twitter to make your star and think only push us to the pub … I’m not your audience. I prefer to follow twittos that not only seek to share their own links and advertising, twittos who will think to offer quality content which will retweet messages from friends meet their messages .. On Twitter, like all social networks, choose the conversation rather than a monologue.

7. it’s not you, it’s me.                        

Do not make a drama if you follow some contacts will not do in return. Your profile picture is beautiful and your bio is very welcoming. You tweet a few times a day, every day without hiding behind safety guards. Your profile is very well run. But your interests are simply not common report, so unfortunately they will not follow you. But do not worry, I’m sure many others will!

8 This is the trick to become popular

Always preferred the idea of ​​the discussion rather than monologue advertising. Make them aware that you want to chat with them using the @ mention. You talk about someone on Twitter? Using his nickname preceded by the @ symbol and will be notified. (A relevant message of course, not a single spam).

You can also use the retweet button on the tweets that you find quality, it will give the info to the contact you want that you follow some sort of mention @. It shows that you are the type of tweeter who is willing to get involved and help promote the work of others.

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