Google – How to Position Your Website

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Google - How to Position Your Website

Google – How to Position Your Website

This article explains the different keys to use to position of our website on Google. You know what search engine and where we all meet for a prayer on the first page. Well in this article you will see that certain actions facilitate the realization of this wish.

Passionate about SEO in recent years, today I wish to share with you my knowledge in the field of SEO. I’ll answer in a simple way, the question posed by one of my clients: How to position them on Google?

Through a list of key points in my eyes, I’ll give you the main key factors to work for a good ranking on GOOGLE!

Key 1: a rich and interesting

We do will repeat this enough for a site to be interesting both for users and for search engines; it must have some interesting information, captivating, original and above all UNIQUE.

Do not copy content from others! This will hurt your e-reputation, your reputation and you’re SEO! Google is more strict compared to duplicate content, especially since the introduction of the new algorithm PANDA.

The content means, it is well visible text on the pages of your website but also the content in the page code (in metatags: title, description, body tag, ALT tag of images etc…).

Key 2: link building

Another key factor in SEO is the amount of quality links.

Included in this link building strategy all the links: links in and around the site. We can categorize these links into three categories:

  • Internal links – the easiest to obtain as it is to create deep links to your site
  • External links – links on your site pointing to other websites
  • Inbound links – facts from other websites to your website. Inbound links are more difficult to obtain because it requires that others will want to promote your content

Know a good mix between these three types of mixing dofollow links and nofollow, will be a good strategy net linking.

Key No. 3: hearing and e-reputation

The third key factor for me is the popularity of a website. No need to remember a site that is known and recognized in their field of activity will be hearing more and dating.

More popular the site is, the more it will increase its traffic and reputation of the company.

How to become popular? There are many ways! For my part, I spend a lot of time on social networks! Today, it is very important to be where your customers are present, notably networks  on Facebook , Twitter, Viadeo among others can explain the benefits of integrating these social networks.

What is certain is that the “tweets”, the “Google+”, Facebook “Like” contribute to your popularity and your SEO. In addition it will help to “Minty Fresh Indexing” indexing almost instantaneous information present on the Web as a concrete example below.

In addition, your accounts on social networks are taken into account by Google. Here’s an example:

I type “Opti Matrix Solution images” web agency for which I am in charge of SEO.

In the natural results, the official Twitter account of Associated Images released in second position, followed in third place by Facebook. Well yes, social networks like Google, combines and integrates social networks in the natural results.


To get a good ranking, many techniques exist. Please be aware that even if you work content, links and popularity of your website on the web you have made a big step towards success.

Remember sites with the most relevant content, updated regularly, and having a lot of links are better referenced. SEO is a history of good sense and balance.

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