How to Integrate Social Media in Email

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How to Integrate Social Media in Email

How to Integrate Social Media in Email

There is always something to live and die and will not change – at least for some time – the database. An essential tool for achieving create database is the email. Now, thanks to the Social Web, we can multiply their impact and achieve more for a little more. Do not miss the opportunity to integrate social media in your email.

How to Integrate Social Media in email

Go Social

Include social media buttons on the newsletter. If you send newsletters that include different items be sure to include links that allow subscribers direct access to related articles. For each article / post, should also include social sharing buttons including social platforms buttons related to product / company, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.. This will allow readers or subscribers publish content on their social platforms.

Call to Action Rocks

It encourages people to share. Sometimes people overlook the buttons to share and even to read the contents of the newsletter. Whether you’re a blogger like you’re a marketer, you may need to remind your subscribers that these options exist. There are many ways to encourage readers to share and read. One call to common action is to invite readers to forward the email. But this must be some motivation behind it? Offer? Contest?? Reward?? Another use more descriptive language or humor to draw the reader’s attention and that this reaction and go into action. You may need to use another email to part of it just to push people to share content or keep your brand in the different Social Web site. Another option is to provide some form of incentive for the community to share your content, makes a temporary campaign where present your new products to try and give free – plus you will provide feedback.

1 subscriber – 1 Lead

Encourage your followers to subscribe to your newsletter: Connecta your fans followers or blog readers with your newsletter. You can design a subscription form on Facebook a section or plugin on your blog or a separate landing page to see if they come from Twitter or LinkedIn you can even promote your newsletter or blog timeline. Another way would be to include a link to the subscription form.

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