10 Tips to Be a Good Social Media Planner

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10 Tips to Be a Good Social Media Planner

10 Tips to Be a Good Social Media Planner

Well say that to be a good social media planner not enough to be an ardent fan or addicted to social networking, you need to live them and know how they work in the smallest details. This is not to say that you have to be as active user in each and every one of them, if you do not have a user experience that makes us to know both sides of the coin.

Today, A good social media planner must have extensive knowledge of the main digital tools along with have knowledge of the support area as SEO, monitoring, digital planning, data analysis, web sentiment and e-mail marketing. These areas are integrated into digital strategy. A true social media planner must study hard and not just know social networking, need not be an expert in all subjects, but have the basic knowledge of these.

Having a macro view of the situation will give them many advantages and a broader view of what is happening or might happen in this environment. It is worth noting that a single function well made, is better than many bad this, I present some tips that will help to get a better look to be excellent social media planner:

  1. Recommend that if you do not speak or understand English, one of the primes things you should do is prepare you to understand this language, as most of the tools and content are in this language and do not forget that it is also considered as the universal language business.
  2. Follow blogs and sites specializing in the field to keep up with the news and information you can be very useful. I recommend you use a RSS manager that will help you optimize your time.
  3. Not only do you focus on finding information on your country, expand your horizons and search foreign blogs on the subject. Discover what’s happening and how they are handling these approaches internationally.
  4. To stay up to date on what’s happening in the world, it is good to participate in forums and discussion groups that provide feedback and answer your questions. Try it.
  5. On the net you can find many e-books on topics that interest you, there are quite attractive titles with useful information that also are free.
  6. Not only think about online, skip the box and tries to learn more to understand both the medium and offline that will help you understand what is being done in the offline world and how they integrate various methodologies to networking social world.
  7. Try to generate content about what’s happening in social media, share what you read either in your own social networks or create a blog. Over time and further research or participating in forums, you end up being a true specialist.
  8. In the network we can find lots of information but it is always good to consider reputable sources and take courses that are related to these issues. Whether onsite or online, in order to do this is that you can expand your horizons and get a more strategic and experiential.
  9. Being always connected is important. And I mean the sense of being in the network, if not to know what they are doing for brands and agencies to be in the game. I recommend you follow them on their social networks and discover what developments are underway.
  10. And last but not least, you can always attend events in different areas that will help you generate networking with people in the middle and of course, expand your knowledge and why not, to share ideas for the future may be used by other analysts in social media like you.

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The 3 C’s Of Social Media Marketing

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The 3 C's Of Social Media Marketing

The 3 C’s Of Social Media Marketing

In Social Media Marketing there are three essential components, whose integration is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of a strategy 2.0. These three elements alone would require an action plan development and own, so they have to take care of separately and work on them for later orchestration.

Content. As repeatedly said, content is king, the key element that gives meaning to the Social Media Marketing strategy. Quality content attracts the target audience in the first instance who decides to become part of the community. With the contents are still feeding their interest, thereby encouraging their loyalty, strengthening the community. If it’s really good to be shared by members and generate conversations, giving way to social dialogue the basis for a stable community living.

Community. The Social Media channel where users are grouped around common interests is a medium that fosters interaction and the free exchange views and content. In this way you can create communities around a theme and even cause a mark. Getting a stable, faithful and committed to a brand is the dream of every company. This is to provide a differential value, show that you care about their users and daily feed their interest providing quality content and addressing their requests in a timely manner.

Conversations. ‘s the food that keeps the community. A brand can have thousands of followers, but if there are no talks and if interactions are absent, cannot be considered as such importance, will be a set of users at one time chose to give their vote to favor the brand, but they really do not feel any affinity. This may be due either to the mark is not capable of generating conversations, not provide quality content that gives them reason to interact, so that conversations occur and also that the set of users have never shown a real interest in the mark so no interest for their actions.

As you can see, each of these three C’s separate plays a big role in Social Media, fulfilling a specific objective, which requires its own strategy. However, they need to interact with each other to achieve a common goal: achieving success in Social Media.

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Attracting Visitors to Your Blog with Guerrilla Marketing Tactics in the Web 2.0

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Attracting Visitors with Guerrilla Marketing Tactics in the Web 2.0

Attracting Visitors with Guerrilla Marketing Tactics in the Web 2.0

The most important thing in a blog is not showing your counter. Instead of obsessing over traffic you must focus on attracting readers. However the first step is to capture the loyalty of the user to land on your blog.

Seek not only traffic but think long-term synergies Not thinking much about spikes in your Google Analytics statistics but we must be aware that the level of audience growth takes time, work and patience. If you are looking to capture views of guerrilla marketing style always do it with common sense:

Medium long term effects: an effect not only timely look that lasts a few days but that visitors try reaching you become a steady flow within months or even years.

Affinity of the source of the visit: do not focus on attracting visitors meaningless. If potential traffic volume is not akin not waste time with attempts to reach the cover

Capturing value links: though not be obsessed with the SEO does not hurt to capture some powerful links. Some tactics have made ​​this double advantage besides providing visits also help you get a medium and long term with SEO.

Provides value:  you’re results in the medium and long term also provides value through the actions presented. Otherwise you will classify as a spammer and the effects will be very limited.

7 guerrilla marketing tactics to attract visitors to your blog

Probably some tactics that I will present and are applying without having the aim of attracting visitors to your blog. As much as I tell in this blog is common sense but we know that sometimes it may cost us a little more in the application.

1. News jacking to meet new search: Google typically does not trust new blog too. The newsjacking may serve primarily to attract visits from search engines while still wearing short time. It is based on the fact that every day there is searches that did not exist yesterday. It can be related to news, events, gossip or other reasons. At first there are still related content so it is relatively easy to position as well covering one of the first of these themes.

2. External links to blogs placing third: do not be stingy with links to competition. This is true especially if you are interested in these references will provide visitors back to your own blog. Every link you put another blog author is notified in the case of using a WordPress platform by mail with a Trackback . In its management panel has the ability to approve as it does also for comments. In that case appear below the comment field now called Pingback pointing to the web that has a link. You probably already have seen in some blogs. If you focus on posts that receive much attention can capture some daily visits this.

3. Participate in forums: forums have the great advantage over social networks to be a place where people find concentrated form with niche interests similar to yours. Few visits you can make that will bring Facebook or Twitter. Can be seen that a very high affinity between the contents of your blog and what people look on the forums the conversion rate from visitor to subscriber may be higher than average you usually have normally. Share your knowledge and help the community look to attract attention and generate interest to you.

4. Partnerships Twitter: if you’ve already got a couple of months or years on Twitter and you get the “trick” you probably have some alliances. They are helping each other in the dissemination of the contents provided that one thinks that add value to their own followers. Instead of obsessing about others promote me I do the first step and support other bloggers to bring them more visitors. This way you create a kind of debt with them. Although not all of you have always paid a high percentage if you will return the favor. There are also platforms like Triberr.com Tribapp.com or allowing such partnerships formalize both Twitter and Facebook.

5. Commenting on other blogs: the vast majority of blogs are looking to get feedback from your readers. Putting your contribution to a post that you liked or with which you disagree you give a little joy to the author (in my case even if you did not like or disagree). Views you can leave a link to your blog which materializes above the name or keyword you’ve inserted into the field. If the comment is deep and high quality you will get the attention of blogger and other readers. Sometimes I have to consider interests of readers better than my own post. Adding value is thus rewarded in the form of visits from people who land on your blog.

6. Post items like external author: this tactic to promote a new blog is the most popular among professional bloggers worldwide. With a blog you just throw aside your mother and your partner is not going to read one. The best way to let you know is in those sites that already have the audience you’re still looking. Typically there is great generosity to include valid links for SEO onto his blog. This way you also get an effect in the medium and long term to improve your SEO.

7. Making products and services witnessed: this advice I robbed Alex Navarro. If you read this blog often you will remember that a speaker at the “Course for bloggers” in Alicante leaving us all with your mouth open during the 60 minutes of submission. Many pages of products and services have a section with witnesses who speak of their positive experience with the company’s offer. Alex shares his experience by saying that it is relatively easy to make such proposals reach businesses that are known to change even let you put a link to your own website. The details you find below in the original post.

Most important of all tactical thinking presented in the medium and long term. which ultimately is the energy source that lets you have ever read a blog.

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Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a web development company which is specialized in  iPhone application development and  SEO services.


The Four Pillars of Online Marketing If You Have a Salable Product

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The Four Pillars of Online Marketing If You Have a Salable Product

The Four Pillars of Online Marketing If You Have a Salable Product

The online and offline marketing are not so different. The four pillars that hold for the digital world also fit with slight modifications to anything that comes out of the laptop screen, mobile or computer.

We are two separate worlds seen that social networks grace everything that has an impact on the real world has an immediate echo in internet.

Your product does not always have to be technically superior to the competition. It has to be good enough and meet the basic requirements of the client. Not always the best wins but the one that gets better implemented in the heads of your target audience. Even if you have a salable product is not enough to get sales if you consider the four pillars of online marketing.

1. Trust: a client who trusts you look not only the price

Trust is the basis of all life. The rules do not change when selling products and services. Offering a competitive price can be a short-term strategy to increase sales sacrificing margin. The type of customer you attract is not seen you really care if another company makes a better offer gives the back without thinking too much. Bet on content marketing is a way to establish a basis of trust for the medium to long term purchase from you without you having to sell.

2. Happiness: you want your target audience to associate you with moments of happiness

One company that has understood this marketing concept is the Coca Cola Company. Instead of selling a strange dark drink too much sugar and happiness sell. The messages and images of your ads stand out from the rest by the positive emotions they convey. In every major event the brand is present. Happiness is what makes your target audience you I have implanted in his head.

3. Surprise: exceeds expectations and solve problems immediately

In many sectors the customer service is so improved that a client assumes the worst when it encounters a problem. No quick solution relies on the incident. In many cases you can already pleasantly surprised troubleshooting an issue immediately. Among the options that you give the client should also include money back. Few but the request will generate a positive impact and unexpected. You should not wait until a customer complains to surprise. To capture the attention of your target audience can also make use of guerrilla marketing in web 2.0 with amazing action and we want to talk.

4. Visibility: if you’re not online, you do not exist

If you still think that an online presence for your business is optional you are wrong. No matter if you use the channel to sell or solely as a showcase. 99.9% of people seeking information on products, services and companies directly or indirectly through internet. Having a website is not enough. Especially in the beginning you have to invest in campaigns to raise awareness of your offer. Do not think only in the short sale seen to sell must trace not only think about the impact.

Marketing can work miracles when to present your product. Nothing is achieved without effort and sweat because it is not enough to create a video to receive millions of views on YouTube. Viral marketing cannot plan for what you should not put all your eggs in one basket in the end depends on luck.

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6 Tips to Create Popular Articles on Your Blog

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6 Tips to Create Popular Articles on Your Blog

6 Tips to Create Popular Articles on Your Blog

You have decided to publish your business blog. The adventure of blogging starts, Your new priority is to understand how to write popular items to users. Whether you become known as an expert with qualified leads to a maximum visibility for your business or to create buzz for your online store the traffic will be your obsession.

Google can be your best ally to increase your traffic if you understand something important: The quality of content is now of paramount importance (especially for SEO / SMO). To ensure that your blog attracts many visitors every day, you need to create content that is useful, interesting and high impact. You want to give boost traffic with the help of the SEO, your content needs to want to click via social network buttons like facebook, twitter and scoop.it. So, readers to click and share your information.

Creating relevant content will be easier if you stay up to date in your field. Remember also to establish a guideline, an editorial focusing on topics of interest to your target readers.

If it sounds difficult do not worry the solution to every problem,. There are certain types of content that readers are more likely to share on social media. Enjoy this will increase your traffic and will position you as an authority in your industry.

6 types of content that will be shared

1. Blogger hunter or scoop the same combat

Talking about the news in real time can be very interesting content for your blog but for that you will be the first to speak. In this case you will gain popularity, you’ll be the one who released the info, you will become a reference in your area if you can publish information regularly preview! You are sure to be shared on Facebook , Twitter rewetted … therefore improve your blog traffic and thereby improve SEO.

2. Figures and more numbers

People like numbers and facts. Find research reports on your domain and share them on your blog. You press your articles of concrete evidence that will give the authenticity and credibility to your words. However, do not just provide lists of statistics because your readers will get lost in the numbers and they will soon get bored. These statistics are illustrations to your articles. Give your opinion on these numbers, you get involved in their presentation.

3. once upon a time...

You know the principle of Story Telling. The idea is to tell a story to present a product, a service, to illustrate the article in blog. This will allow the blogger you are to use the active narration to tell a real life case. You will share with your readers a concrete example in which they can more easily find, identify. They will enjoy reading an article that will tell a story while making a serious point. Learning while having fun is always nice. However, be careful not up too much especially if the case is the experience your customer that you took the lead and where you found the solution. While this story highlights you not that your readers will enjoy seeing you talk to your customers in terms unflattering and even less that it makes them want to become a customer.  Learn to do things by giving each a beautiful role in your story lived.

4. Life is more beautiful in pictures

You want to read pages and blog pages without image? Well your readers either. If they wanted to read texts without image they have took a good Voltaire and Maupassant . On the web your readers need more than text or they will quickly get bored … leaving for greener pastures and not recommend your blog which is a shame considering the work you have put.

Do you know the graphics? They can be created for all subjects; they are usually colorful and visually appealing. They will bring to your punch! These graphics will be more easily shared on Pinterest particular. It can even send you a lot of traffic to your website, if your graphics combines the information, originality. It could be the buzz.

5. And … Action!

Video content marketing is becoming more popular because the video you can inform and entertain viewers simultaneously. Many will prefer to watch a video instead of reading an article too long. But watch your video it should stick to the subject because the viewer can quickly stop if she did not like. Today capitalize on the attractiveness of video content for your blog stands out is a good idea not to put aside.

6. Slide Share P presentations

Your company may already be done via PowerPoint presentations, for example, why not turn them into SlideShare to publish on your blog? Create an account for your business and SlideShare upload your slideshows to share with as many items via your blog and social networks.  New forms of content are a great way to inject new content on your blog and attract new readers, increase shares on different social networks. Overall, the content you create should be relevant, useful, interesting and informative. If you follow these tips you see your blog audience grow.

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Tips for Successful Blogging

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Tips for successful blogging

Tips for successful blogging

You might be thinking for posting blog, but you are confused that from where to start? If you search you will get many sites which will give you idea and help you start blogging. In this article you will come across many useful suggestions which will help you how to blog successfully. Have a great time!

When you start writing for your blog than be careful while you are choosing fonts. The font size should be accurate and should be visible to all age readers. It shouldn’t be small which strains and give stress to your readers’ eye.

You should be very expert and should have an exact and sufficient knowledge while you are writing a blog. Avoid writing inaccurate, dated, or outright false information at all costs. You also need to have sufficient mastery of the topic to respond intelligently to comments upon.

Allow your readers to comment upon your blog. This will allow readers to be the active part of your blogging site and it will give you an opportunity to build a relation with your readers. If you reply back to your readers then they will love to visit your site again and again and that will give you more engaged users.

Whenever you blog something then that should have some knowledge and worthy words. If you just simply post and if you don’t provide relevant information then your readers can tell when it’s just useless information, and will eventually begin to look elsewhere for more relevant content.

Start building your mailing list when you start your blog. The sooner you begin, the greater the amount of time you have for growing your list. You can use this list to earn more money later on. Putting off creating an opt-in list can cost you plenty, so don’t neglect it.

Try to make good back links. This will help your blog look better in the eyes of your reader and as well on search engines too. When the major search engines find your blog as a quality one then this will give you better search ranking.

Your blog should be in tip top, clean, and eye catchy condition. This will give you more engaged user. You need to change the theme and some contents every now and then. By doing this user would not find your blog as boredom.

Also add the voting ability on certain blogs. By this your readers will appreciate the ability to offer them their opinions. After this also post the results as well as. These surveys also help you to identify ways you can change and improve your blog.

Make sure your theme should be unique and good for good SEO ranking. This will ensure you to get more traffic. Don’t be dependent on time intensive because they will take much time to load the page and your user won’t wait till the time they will just go to the next page without seeing a your single word of your content.

One essential part of a successful search engine optimization strategy for a blog is simply to create lots of content. Consequently, you will see an increase in your readership when more and more people can find your site. Remember that a boost in visitors means a boost in readership, making your blog a very popular one.

We hope that you will find this article helpful. Implement some points and you will find your blog where you dream it has to be.

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Five Annoying Website design

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5 Annoying Website design

5 Annoying Website design

Have you ever find that your website may be annoying? When the things came across to the website design, you have to be pretty sure about what your users hate and what they like. The following article describes what you should exclude from your website.

Some weeks ago I was surfing on net and I came across one of the website. The site was very flashy and the header was also attractive enough. The header was so attractive that you can’t ignore it any way. Some nice elements were flying in while sound effects were creating nice atmosphere. after a while when I go in depth of the site I have founded something’s like the header which is attractive,; every time when I click on new page the header restarts every time and the thing which was pleasant becomes annoying very quickly, that was disturbing the concentration and making things difficult to read. it was not the particulars mistakes many web designers, especially who are new they are fond to put their new ideas in web sites with their ideas and tend to go overboard with their design in one way or another. It is complimentary to have an attractive header but is it necessary when it annoys the visitor’s mind? In my opinion I would suggest, absolutely No!

Webmasters have to keep in mind that their website design should send a message to the visitor that should reflect the website topic not the designers programming level. check out my top 5 listing which I have found through my studies what makes your website annoying read it and find yourself that are you one of them.

1. Huge font size – if you are designing a website for people with a disability or they are aged or having weak eye sight then you are doing the right thing but if not then you are shouting. No one likes if any one shouts on them.

2. Small font size – do you want to be heard? Keep a normal tone, don’t shout but speak in a reasonable tone.

3. background music – unless if you are selling online internet CD’s or radio services then its fine but until and unless if you are not the why need to play midi/wave file on every page ?

4. Overlapping layers – layers are very useful at certain level. But not when they irritate your users. Don’t force your visitor to read your messages.

5. Pop up windows – now a day’s many popup windows are blocked by many add on tools. It actually annoys users. Instead of putting popup windows put your important message in a central place on your website.

Well so this is just an overview which annoys users but as we all know there are many things which annoys human mind it is totally depend in your readers mind. But be sure about what you put online because it is just not you who views your site but it is for everyone so keep your mind set globally across the world.

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