Content Marketing Optimization: Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

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The content marketing is seen as a great tool to improve our SEO positioning, in addition to generate in our public engagement. Following changes and penalties of Google, even the purists SEO advocates are considering the importance of a strategy Content Marketing Optimization to improve search engine rankings . It’s not an exact science and as we see increasingly relies on the quality and create value for the user rather than the application of magic formulas.

Why optimizing content marketing?

All indications are that the quality content is a great asset for brands but the general ignorance makes it progresses slowly, sometimes as a leap in the dark, experiencing and learning a rush what works and what does not.

The content marketing optimization lies in the inclusion in the text or links of certain keywords that the public enters the search engine facilitating the page position in those search terms will be found more easily by users.

Thus, in addition to the generation of content relevant to the user that are positively valued, content optimization for search engines will help these keywords are related to our website and improve our SEO .

But optimize our content does not mean simply flooding our website keywords, but requires consideration of a number of guidelines to avoid being penalized by Google . What do consider to optimize our content marketing?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

In order to determine the overall theme of the crawled content, Google is working to understand semantically related terms. This means that by understanding the existence of related words better identifies the context in which the search is being conducted.

The latent semantic indexing we supposed to appear in search results not only positioned by particular keywords but for a specific topic. Even for words that Google identifies as related to our site although we have not explicitly used.

How to optimize content marketing?

A strategy that allows us to combine, on the one hand, a good keyword rich content and related terms to help the seeker to identify our subject and secondly, a content written for people, understandably, try to add value to the user and who cares and encourages us to follow and also want to share our content and recommend us.

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