Content Marketing: Strategy for Success in Digital Marketing

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The current information society (where information grows exponentially) along with the widespread and reach 2.0 technologies making them appear new scenarios and new models of behavior for both consumers and businesses and markets.

In the digital age people interact with the company co-produce the product or service. In this new scenario where comes the need for Content Marketing Strategy and Content Marketing.

The traditional marketing model is based on the concept of Marketing or Marketing Outbound or knocked out based on persuasion, interruption, expensive advertising campaigns.

Content Marketing: Strategy for Success in Digital Marketing

Content Marketing: Strategy for Success in Digital Marketing

These characteristics clash with the existing culture of a society seeking more privacy, autonomy and less disruption. Thanks to the Internet and digital media, information is available to everyone so most of the time what users need and want, seek it. The Content Marketing is the delivery of information with independent value that inspires confidence, credibility and provides authority for the company that created the content.

The new model or new rules of social media or digital marketing to attract users seeking information, ideas, solutions. If you apply a good strategy Content Marketing is I get to attract the ideal client with relevant content geared to their needs individuals.

This strategy should be able to cover all types of practices and content creation activities both offline and online to unveil a brand, product or service, without selling aggressively from useful content to attract potential customers and loyalty. Its effectiveness is based on credibility, consistency, coherence and conceptual.

The keys to the success of the strategies are:

  • Quality content. The content must be original, add value, incorporating views and generate dialogues themselves (social networks).
  • Professionals. Content is the role of Content Curator edit specializes in quality content and able to influence social networks and get engagement (creating links with their audience).

Formats to include content are very different but they must respond to a brand strategy with a clear objective. The most common are social media, newsletters, blogs, whitepapers, videos, events, flash mobs, podcast, webinars, wikis, e-books.

To achieve the ultimate goal of Content Marketing (attracting customers, make sales and loyalty), it is necessary to the planning and execution of the following steps:

  • Analysis and definition of objectives. You need to create a Social Media Plan that takes into account all the elements and details of the strategy and performance measurement and ROI. It will use tools and techniques to optimize the search for potential customers and stand out from the competition. This is useful digital marketing tools like web traffic analysis, thematic analysis and keywords, technical analysis and SEO skills.
  • Creating a website or blog reference. The website should have a well-designed structure that takes users from the content to the possible sale.
  • Content Creation. Policy must be constantly generating quality content in multiple formats and content types. Should contribute to the objectives.
  • Dissemination and Promotion of the Content. This requires a strong active presence in social networks and other social media, talking and talking, listening actively and intelligently promoting, i.e. progressively building a community of customers and fans on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Slideshare, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr.

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